How To Use SEO Link Building Tips For Your Site Traffic

Online businesses depend on links for accumulating traffic to their sites and increasing the visibility of their websites. Effective backlinks from relevant sites is important to gain better rank for pages of websites on the Search Engines. Websites with good page ranks will be displayed at a higher level for search results than pages with lower ranks. Therefore, for enhanced page ranking, greater visibility of webpages and drawing more traffic to the site- an effective base of relevant backlinks is a must for any website.

Some of the efficient SEO approaches that are used for better Link building are 

  as follows:

Good content: Content is one of the essential elements for ranking. Good content that is simple and easily understood by search engines and relevant to the site is taken into consideration while determining the page rank. As such, appropriate content is a must for effective link building.

Link to sites with similar domain: It is necessary to link to sites that are related. Suppose your website deals in the financial sector, seek links from other sites that are associated with finance and money like investments, debit or credit business and so on. Being in the financial sector and having links from sites that deal in footwear makes no sense.

Use pay per click strategy for back linking: PPC campaigns can be effective in bringing good links to your site. PPC Campaigns encourage people to visit your site, and there is greater chance that you may get some good links from a website owner who has visited your site because of this campaign.

Link to trusted sites: Reliable sites like government sites and non-profit organisations are usually valued sites. Obtaining links from these sites are highly relevant, although you need to have very precise content and clear strategy for backlinks from these websites.

Blogs and GPs: Posting good blogs and articles to different blog sites with similar niche can bring quality links to your sites.  If your blogs are unique and informative, there is greater chance that the blog owner and even other websites will link to your site.

Comment on blogs of other sites:  Commenting on blogs of other people will make websites conscious of your presence. If your comments are resourceful, there is chance that your blogs will be   read by these people and link to your site.

Paid Directories:  Although an ancient tool, this technique still holds good for link building. These are good sources to bring relevant backlinks to your sites. In case you fall short of money and need additional cash to register with the paid directories, payday loans can help you. They are short term loans that lend small amount of credit.

Some of the guidelines for using the above SEO Techniques are as follows:

  • Plan an effective strategy for building links – the targeted segment, goals and usage of correct keywords should be considered.
  •  Track competitors. Find out what strategies they are using. These strategies may also be useful to your site. Additionally, contemplate what other resources can be beneficial to your site.
  •  While using paid directories and trusted sites for link building, check the quality of content. These sites are highly selective when it comes to quality.
  • Additionally, your involvement is important for linking to such sites. Discounts, getting involved in research projects or support for development projects can be good ways to connect with these sites.
  • Use proper and relevant keywords. Search engine index search pages on the basis of keywords typed by the person seeking information.  If you don’t use the required keywords, your site will not be visible in the resultant search.
  • When using blogs for link building, try to connect with the site owner. Commenting on other blogs and linking from your website will provoke interest. 
  •  Web Content is most essential in link building. Proper and correct use of grammar and subject in contents is essential for link building.  

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  1. Thanks Maria for this post, I want to add a great method which is guest posts as well, this is another technique to create backlinks on high PR websites (Just like this post).
    You can also get traffic If you wrote a Good quality content because readers are intrested to know more about what you wrote so they'lll click on your link to get more information.
    Thank You,
    Marc A. Donald


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