Business Tips – Benefits Of Email Marketing And Email Support Systems

Years ago, when you deal with customers or suppliers especially on the first meeting, you will be exchanging contact numbers that includes your office number and mobile number. These days, they will often ask for your E-mail.

Why? What can E-mail do that simple calls on your landline number or mobile number can’t?

Multiple Access: People can send to your E-mail from any device with Internet service. Your E-mail will be able to receive messages or bodies of data or files regardless of whether your device is turned on or off. People can send messages to you or connect calls to your mobile number only when your mobile is turned on or within the coverage of your service provider.

With E-mail, your messages are accessible anytime as long as you know your username or E-mail address and password. You can access it using any device that supports E-mail and with Internet service connection.

Flexible Time. You can check out your E-mail in your own time preference. You don’t have to attend to it right there right then the way that you feel immediately obliged to answer to phone calls or text messages. You can also set a time for checking your E-mails so that your clients or business associates will know when to expect your replies.

Effective data handling. E-mail can receive not just messages or mails. You can receive attachments of files and folders that you cannot receive through ordinary SMS or text message. Documents and spreadsheets become readily available in just a few clicks upon receiving for you to work on instead of copying and manually retyping them from printed hard copies. You can also receive images and scanned documents. 

Convenience. You can receive E-mails from anywhere not just locally but from any part of the globe without extra charges that really cost a lot the way that you are charged when making international or long-distance calls on your mobile.

The E-mails messages and data will be sent to you conveniently fast without having to worry about rate charges by the minute. You don’t have to wait for several days before the body of the mail arrives at your doorstep especially when it is an urgent matter that you need to accomplish.

You can attend to customer’s requests conveniently fast for copies of quotations and price lists by simply attaching them to your E-mail. They can immediately check it, and upon receiving, they can already place or confirm their orders without having to wait for several days. It will also help you save costs on mail deliveries for these types of requests.

Organizer. Your messages are organized according to your Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Bulk and Trash. You have control over your can messages by moving them to the folder where you want to save them. You can also arrange the settings according to how you want to view them. 

Storage. Your free E-mail service usually provides you enough storage to keep tons of messages that you want to keep for your references. This will help you relieve your worries about misplacing document copies, and save your time searching for them. You can go back to them easily on your various message folders provided you did not delete them permanently such as deleting your sent items and trash.

Tracing History of Messages. You can monitor your mail exchanges based on date and time provided, and you may also be guided with the subject of your E-mails for easier search. These E-mails will also help you in case you need to clarify matters such as communication-related concerns and agreements.

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