Uploading A Custom Favicon To Blogger

With an objective of enhancing its feature, Blogger.com during June last year, enabled blog writers associated with Blogger to replace the default icon of Blogger with their liked icon, i.e favicon. In the beginning, only those favicons which were converted in .ico formt could be uploaded, but now any square shaped favicon if it is in .png.gif or .jpg format could be uploaded with its size not exceeding more  than 100 kb.

So we shall be dicussing uploading a custom favicon to blogger. On the basis of my personal experience I suggest to use built-in feature rather than the methods used earlier to integrate favicons. This I suggest because the icon is located at the root of domain (*.blogspot.com/favicon.ico or custom-domain.com/favicon.ico). After updating my icon of blog post I decided to share my experience with you, I hope this may be of some interest to you and proves to be beneficial tutorial for you.

Creating your favicon:

For replacing your default Blogger favicon, you need an image of 16 x 16 pixels which is less than 100 kb. However I went for 110 x 100 pixels .png image of the my Blogger  Logo so that it is supported by devices.

Uploading custom favicon to Blogger:

The process of uploading custom favicon is same, either you are working on older “layouts” or update blogger interface. To upload custom favicon you need to click on the layout widget of your blogger dashboard which displays the Page Elements interface. 


In the above picture at the left side of the page element you will find a word named as Favicon displaying the default icon of Blogger favicon. Here at the same place you will find an option of edit, click on that option which will display a window as shown in picture given below:


 By clicking on the Browse option you can search of your desired image saved in your computer, click on that particular file and start uploading it. Once the upload complete you will find a preview of your favicon appearing in the pop up. By clicking on save option, the default Blogger icon will be replaced by favicon chosen by you.

What to do if you do not find your favicon:

There have been various cases in which bloggers trying to upload their favicon did not find their icon at place of already existing Blogger icon. The solution of this problem is to close browser tabs or windows which display your blog. Now remove cache from your browser and reload the page you will find your chosen favicon replacing the default blogger icon.

I do hope you would have enjoyed this tutorial and will definitely work on  tutorial discussed above. Enjoy reading!!!! And feel free to send your comments, if any.

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