Translate Your Blog Into Different Languages With Google Translate In Blogger

Depending upon preferred language of your potential readers every blog writer tries to write blogs, but the problem arises when the blog author is not familiar with language spoken by the readers. In that situation blog writers write blog in their native language which may be French, German or English etc. But it is not necessary that your potential readers are familiar with your language. In that case you need to make use of translating your blog.

Need of Translating Content:

When you write a blog for people knowing different languages, you may think to write your blog according to their language. But it is not possible to write one blog in different languages except one or two. Doing this will be a wastage of time.  Because it is not necessary that your readers are familiar with English language. To avoid all this problem it is better to get your blog translated according to category of your potential readers.

Translating your content is easier:

Google Translate application favors more than 50 languages and therefore you are facilitated with feature of this application for translating your blog. But working with blogger provides you more easy way to translate your blog and for this you even do not require any type of coding. By making use of Blogger Translate gadget available on list of Blogger gadget you do the required task. You just have to integrate it in your blog and as soon as any reader clicks to read your blog they will be offered an option of selecting their preferred language. After which the content will be translated in the language selected by them. This is better option of spreading your content to masses.

Given below are steps which should be followed for enabling blogger translate template on your blog.

Step 1: Move on to blogger dashboard;

Step 2: Click on the blog title which you want to translate;

Step 3: Move on to Layout option:


Step 4:  Click on the option of Add a Gadget Link on the page;


Step 5: Now move on the list of gadget shown in the pop up box and move on translate gadget;


Step 6: After performing step 5, a Google translate configuration window will appear on your screen.

This configuration is easy to understand and you have to click on option widget style, which shows different widget styles namely vertical, horizontal and dropdown. (Here you have facility of having preview of preferred widget style);

Step 7: Once you are satisfied with your preferred style, you need to save it;

Step 8: After this you will find translate variable on your layout. Move it at the place where you want this to appear on your blog. Now save the changes after you are satisfied with your exercise.

This finishes your operation of integrating translator feature in your blog.

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