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What is your scheduled of writing a blog, is it once a month, twice month, once a week or twice in a fortnight? Whatever your scheduled is, your endeavor is to provide something new and interesting to the readers.  This means quality of your content is more important rather how many times you post your blog, because finally it is your content which grabs attention of readers.  And every day number of your readers increases and they are not interested to know about your previous blogs.Obviously you must be interested to find an answer to question that how you can increase traffic on your earlier posts.

However blogger had solution to your this problem, but it was only constraint to your famous blogs and could be used for exploring your blogs. Apart from this the other best option was to list your previous content which in any form is associated with present blog post. This can be done by making use of LinkWithin related posts widget. The other option is to show list of related posts on your latest post by making use of SimpleReach slider. But all these options suffered from one or another drawback. Therefore in our today’s blog which shall be focusing on finding the best solution to all such problems.

A solution to this problem is nRelate related content plugin which protects your older articles from disappearing in fleet of your older blogs. It can be said that it is an advanced version of LinkWithin widget, and therefore it offers additional feature that LinkWithin widget. nRelate related content plug displays your earlier posts along its relevance and show off them for convenience of readers related with subject of your current blog.  Moreover it also facilitates blog writers to display content from supportive sites which are quoted in their blogroll and facilitate them with additional income by displaying supportive posts on plugin. In our tutorial for today we shall be discussing how to Show Related Content on Blogger with nRelate.

Similar to LinkWithin widget nRelate related plugin also offers huge brigade of customization process for instance ability of changing style, type of widget and moreover it easier to activate. Apart from this nRelate plugin will explore your erstwhile posts. 


Step 1 : Sign for a new nRelate account; (nRelate will send you a confirmation mail for activating your account);


Step 2 : This will provide you a domain, in which you have to insert blog address in your domain field and check the option of submit;


Step 3 : Now from the list of widget select the version of your preference;

  • Posts only = This will display the widget of related content at the bottom of your current post;
  • Posts and homepage=  This will display content widget at the bottom of homepage and post pages;
  • All blog sections= The content widget will displayed on every page even at the bottom of static page;
  • Placement versions = It will display content widget on post pages and also at any position on layout wherever you want to display it.

Step 4 : After deciding on your liked version, click on labeled button;


Step 5 : This step will redirect you on your blogger dashboard for integrating nRelated widget. Click on the blog on which you want to display content widget and now click on add widget option;


Step 6 : Manage your widget and position it on the place where you want to get it displayed on the place where you want to display on your blog, for activating this feature you need to work on Placement version and now save the changes;


Step 7 : Move on nRelate Blogger Plugin Settings page;


Step 8 : Here you will see preferences for related content widget. Arrange according to your choice. Some of the major preferences are mentioned below:

  • Maximum number of related posts on the widget: Here you are facilitated to determine number of your earlier posts which should be displayed on your widget, this may vary between 0 and 10;
  • Widget type: Here you have an option of displaying your earlier posts with thumbnails or by titles of your posts. If you prefer to display your earlier content with thumbnails than you have an option of determining size and image of default thumbnails;
  • Maximum characters per line: This feature facilitates you to decide how many characters can be used for displaying post titles;
  • Advertising preference: This feature enables you to determine advertising preference of your widget whether you want to display it in advertisement and earn additional income for yourself;
  • Widget style: Here you have option of selecting liked style for your widget, this you can avail from available style and also from default style sheet in which you want to customize your widget style;
  • Relevance of your content: Depending upon the relevance of your content you may determine the appearance of your erstwhile posts depending upon their category low, medium or high;

 Step 9 : After you have determined your preferences discussed above click on save option and these will be implement on your nRelated widget.

All the best for your endeavors!!!!!

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