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According to cyber laws prevailing in different countries, Bloggers have started directing blogs posted on on the domains hosted by their particular country (ccTLDs).For instance if you are posting a blog on as resident of United Kingdom than your blog will be directed to *  This will enable Blogger to censor any content which it feels effects interests of any specific country. Let me illustrate this you with an example, assume you are blogger from United Kingdom, and the government of United Kingdom has asked you to remove a stuff of content from your blog. After this the removed content will not be available for readers in United Kingdom, but readers of other country may be able to read it.

Bloggers will never be able to locate any other change on their sites except the ccTLD redirecting their blogs with affecting the custom domains. Although Blog authors will be able to post their blogs on as they had been doing earlier.

When these changes will take place:

Till now not many countries have been affected by existence of ccTLD. However in coming months this law will be applicable throughout the world. It is reported that blog writers from India, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdome and some European countries have noted the effects of ccTLD redirecting their sites.

Accessing content on “ outside the United States:

If you are interested to read any blog hosted on * sub domain, than you can do it be putting “ncr” at the end of domain for blog. This can be understood from example discussed below:

              [blog-name] would become [blog-name]

This could be done for reading an individual post as follows:



Bloggers those who want their readers to view their page at * sub domain without being affected by ccTLD prevailing in particular country, Emilio Cobos and Vagabundia provides the facility of protecting their sites from redirection. These may be integrated to blogger template.   

Will these changes affect ranking of your blog: 

Unwillingly this will effect ranking of your blog, which is basically dependent on the way various search engines crawl blogs available on various domains. Going through the concern of bloggers, the experts at are endeavoring to bring down the negative effects of this change on the ranking of their blogs.

What are your comments regarding this new rule:


Although not all bloggers are aware about ccTLD affecting their site. This is mainly due to lack of regular information being promoted on blogger dashboard.  However it is expected the results of this application will be revealed in future.

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