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Sometimes while composing a blog you may find some blogs which are of your interest and have some important information which would be helpful in enhancing relevance of your blog that you are composing currently. You can also recommend these sites to your readers through your blog.  Moreover you also can display any fresh information available on these sites to your readers. Similarly if you are a regular blog writer and want to refer any information of your previous blog in your current blog then you can also make its description, so as to enhance interest of your readers. The other option could be that you can provide list of your fresh blogs in your ongoing blog. In simple terms these sorts of additional information is known as an external content, which you can display in your blog through feed option. 

At blogger you can find feature of integrating this type of external content in your blog through RSS or Atom Feed. By just working on default feed gadget available on Blogger you can integrate this information in your blog. However I would like to mention that this is an easier process like making cup of coffee, because for this you should know URL of website or blog which you want to integrate. As you are aware of the fact, that feed offers simple method of referring external content of other sources in your blog. Now it is up to you what type of external content you want to refer in your blog i.e. either feed of some other source or feed of your own blog in your current blog. The matter of concern is that is it beneficial to your potential readers or not? Therefore before you integrate external content in your blog through feed, you should make confirm that it will enhance interest and knowledge of your potential readers. It would be important to mention here that a maximum elements displayed by feed option is limited up-to 5. Let us know the discuss the process of how you can Import and Display Content from a External Feed in Blogger.

Step 1 : Move on blogger dashboard;

Step 2 : Click on title of your blog;

Step 3 : Move on option of layout;


Step 4 : Click link of add a Gadget;


Step 5 : Now move down to click on gadgets pop up box and select Feed gadget from that;


Step 6 : Now insert the URL of the external content which you want to display on blog, inside the field named as Feed URL; (If you want to display content from your blogger feed, then you should look for that particular feed address. For this you should read know your feed URL in blogger)


Step 7 : For further process click on continue option;

Step 8 : After this you can configure your integrated feed. Here you can add title to it, change number of external feed (which should be maximum up-to 5, as mentioned above), source from where they have been used or name of authors etc. You also have option of previewing the changes made by you;

Step 9 : After configuring the feed, as the final step click on the option of save to activate the changes;

Step 10 : Now manage these feed elements on your layout and have a look of your blog before saving the changes.

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