How To Tell If A Website Is Powered By Blogger

Although we are facilitated with flexibility of customizing display of our blogs and make use of custom domains but it is difficult to find that whether website is powered by Blogger or not. After intensive search over more than hundreds of websites for Blogspot, I have found the techniques of identifying that whether website is developed on Blogger platform or not. Today we shall be discussing the methods of finding such websites.

Does the URL of website ends with 

This is your first gateway to identify that whether website is powered by Blogger or not. Websites with subdomain of URL automatically reveals that it is powered by Blogger, even if Blogger navigation bar is hidden. However there are various publishes who prefer to make use of custom domain for their websites, for such websites there are different methods to identify their platform.

Does Blogger Navigation Bar appear on Screen? 

The navigation bar present at the top of page indirectly is evident of the fact that this website is powered by Blogger platform. However there are some Bloggers who hide the navigation bar due to different reasons. This may include due to making their website more stylish or to hide the fact that website is powered by free platform.

Are feeds/posts included by default in URL feed? 

Normally as a general practice when anyone searches for blogs through Google Reader, this is the most authentic way to locate platform of website. Websites which are based on Blogger platform develop a feed that has URL in the format as shown below. This could be done even when the feed is redirected with help of feed burner. Feed burner can be defined as free service syndication of feeds on your blog.

The feed URL shown above is default and is unique for websites powered by Blogger.

Does the design of site appear to be Usual? 

However Blogger is blessed with number of various templates that can be used for customization purpose. But still users at Blogger like to make use of simple and readily available template by which they are accustomed. 


Here it would be important to refer name of Minima which is the most commonly used template by users using Blogger platform. This can be witnessed from Websites like Sitton. Therefore now if you find any site using template similar to Blogger it is an indication of fact that it is undoubtedly designed on Blogger platform.

Check the URL structure for posts and pages: 

There are different structures for publishing posts and pages on Blogger. For blog posts on Blogger the URL structure includes numerical year and month in the URL before title of page: 

 For publishing pages structure includes mention of /p/ between the blog URL and the title of the page:

These URL structures are definite even when the author of blog has opted for customized URL structure for their posts. Normally while creating a post, the generated URL is based on the title of post. By generating custom URL you are in position to use different structures which are helpful in increasing ranking of particular page by various search engines.


Check whether generator = “Blogger” in the source code:

This can be considered as the most important technique to check whether the site is powered by Blogger or not. However it should be applied only after when you are not able to find whether site is powered by Blogger or not by any of methods discussed above.  For this you need to move at the top of source code of the page and search for line mentioned below:



<meta content='blogger' name='generator'/>   


Blogs based on Blogger Platform will integrate the above line in the source code, if you do not find this line or if the generator is named with different name, will be an indication that site is not powered by Blogger.



I hope you would have enjoyed this tutorial and feel it useful tip for your use.



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