How To Stop Redirecting Your Blog Into Country Specific URL

Normally as general practice Google redirects every search made on it to country’s specific URL for instance if you insert from India than you will be directly automatic to  Following the same trend Blogger also adopts the same process of redirecting your blog URL to country’s specific URL.

What for this country specific URL redirection:

Depending upon the cyber laws prevailing in different countries, Google is free to block, delete content from blogs depending upon the cyber laws of particular country. As a result of this that particular section from that blog will not be visible to readers of that country. However it will be visible to readers of other countries. But if you do not like this step of Google and want to prevent your blog from that action of Google than you can prevent your blog from redirection to country specific URL. In this tutorial we shall be discussing methods of how to stop redirecting your blog into country specific URL. By following the steps discussed below you will be able to protect your blog from redirection to specific URL.

Step 1 : Click on to and login into it; 

Step 2 : Move to template located on left side bar and click on Edit HTML as shown below:


Step 3 : Copy the code mentioned below and paste it after the <head> Tag; 


Step 4 : Now click on the save option to implement changes made by you. 

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