How To Set Up Who Can Read Your Blog In Blogger

Do you want write blog for specific segment of readers and do not want others to read your blog then I am sure this tutorial is going to meet your demands. In general blogs are written for everyone to read but there are some blogs which are written for specific segment of readers and you do not want others to access it. This tutorial focuses on methods of Who Can Read Your Blog In Blogger. This is something like retaining your privacy.

Retaining his privacy is requirement of every person and by creating your own Facebook group or private forum within few seconds you can get involved with others and share your views with them. Sharing private talks with readers is same as sharing your personal talks with your family members. Now if you are interested in retaining privacy of your blog then you can apply the following exercise.

As you are aware that comments section in your blog enable others to read your blog and post their comments about your blog, but facility of private space on blogger enables only specific segment of readers to comment about your blog. By going through settings available at blogger platform you can restricts readers of your blog, which may be obviously for different reasons. Let us now begin our exercise.

Step 1 : Go to Dashboard of blogger;  

Step 2 : Click on title of your blog; 

Step 3 : Click on Settings:     




 Step 4 : Search setting for Blog Readers placed at permission section and click on Edit link;   

Step 5 : Now you are in position to choose for your specific segment of readers. This I will teach you in an easy way:  

  • Anybody: This option enables everyone to read your blog;
  • Blog Authors: This option is available for other blog authors. However this is done by sending them an invitation to read your blog, and once they accept your invitation they are in position to read your blog. This is helpful in protecting your blog from other readers;
  • Only these readers: For enabling specific segment of readers to read your blog, click on link provided for Add readers and provide email addresses of your readers. For integrating different readers, you can separate their email addresses by inserting commas (,) between their email addresses. After which only specified readers will be entitled to read your blog


  Step 6 : Now click on Save changes and activate your changes.

PS: If by mistake you have invited a reader to whom you do not want to read your blog or who has accepted invitation made by you, then click on remove icon that is placed before readers list.

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