How To Register Google Adsense Through Blogger

Apart from satisfying hobby of writing blogs on current subject, blogging is emerging as source of money making from last few years.  Blog writers who write qualitative blog and whose blogs grabs more traffic, avoiding spams are considered suitable to receive an adsense account.  I am sure now you must be keen to know about adsense account. An answer to this is by registering via Blogger. My this tutorial will concentrate on process of How to register google adsense account through Blogger. But before you get approval from team of adsense account I would suggest you to abide terms and conditions determined by Google Adsense Program Policy.  Now let me start your tutorial with steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open your blogger account to login and select the blog which you consider is suitable to be placed for Adsense account; 

Step 2: Go to Earnings placed at left sidebar;  


Step 3: You will find a page asking you to monetize your blog. On that page you need to click on option of Get Started:   

Step 4: Now if you have not applied for Adsense account, then click on option of Create Account.

However if you have already got an approved Adsense account than you ask for don’t create another account and move directly on your Adsense account for linking your blog by clicking on option of ‘Link This account’.

Step 5: Now submit the Adsense application by filling it.

Now you will receive an informative email regarding Google Adsense status. After this you may keep upgrading your website supported by qualitative content.

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