How To Redirect Your Feed To Google FeedBurner

Publishing feed of their blogs is common practice followed by blog writers in current scenario. In simple terms feed is a process of exploring your blog for everyone other than regular readers and facilitates them with an option of subscribing for regular updates made in your blog. As a common practice a default feed enables the readers to subscribe for updates made in your blog. Well this is the common practice, but have you ever thought to dominate feed in your blog in more impressive way?

FeedBurner application from Google is the most common Feed providing service which enables you to initiate feed according to your requirement and bring out more from feed. FeedBurner retains data set of readers who have subscribed for your updates, apart from this is also facilitates you to monetize your feed. It also facilitates the sites to activate feature of subscription through email and enabling them to send these updates to various social network websites. It also enable you to augment feasibility of feed facilitating an easy subscribe feature to subscribers. It would be important to mention here that if your website has not activated service of publishing feed then you will not be able to work on FeedBurner. Therefore if you are interested in integrating feed feature in your website and enjoy additional feature of feeds then you should use feed facility with FeedBurner. Let us now start our tutorial of how to redirect your feed to Google FeedBurner.

Points which should be taken into concern before you redirect your feed to feedburner:

  • An important necessity of using FeedBurner for feed is that you should have a registered with Google services. Therefore if you have not yet got yourself registered with Google account, then get it done;
  • If you are using Blogger platform for posting your blogs, then you can find process of creating feed by making use of Google FeedBurner.

If you have taken above mentioned points into concern than you are ready to work on FeedBurner. Let us now start our tutorial:

Step 1 : Move on FeedBurner with your Google identity;

Step 2 : After logging into feedburner a text box will appear on your screen displaying Burn a feed right this instant at the home page of FeedBurner.  Now you have to insert address of your site address or address of your feed in that box and check the option of next step;


Step 3 : As soon as you enter address of your site, the default feed address associated with your site will be immediately detected by Feedburner. Click on the feed address which you want to use and check the option of next button;

Step 4 : Now determine the title of your feed and choose required FeedBurner feed as address of your feed. Now click on next option for creating FeedBurner feed;

Step 5 : After noting feedburner feed address, click on next option;

Step 6 : Configure the option of feedburner statistic. Click on all the available options and check the option of next to proceed;


This finishes your operation of redirecting Feed to Google FeedBurner. Do you find this tutorial beneficial for you? Please leave your comments.

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