How To Redirect Blogger Error 404 (Page Not Found) To Home Page

As a blog writer you must be aware of the fact whenever any blog reader clicks on a URL which does not exist on your blog, Blogger displays an error message revealing Error 404 (Page Not Found) shown at the top of area for blog post. The message shown below is displayed on their screen:

                               "Sorry, the page you were looking does not exist."

This generally leaves a worst impression on reader, which personally I feel not any blog writer would prefer this to happen for his blog when his potential reader clicks on any such URL. However even if, any how such situation happens with your reader you would like that he is immediately directed on your homepage so that he reads your article before leaving your article without reading. In this article we shall be discussing How To Redirect blogger Error 404 (Page Not Found) To Homepage.

The best way to redirect the reader on your home page in case of any such incident is to make use of meta refresh option. But this option suffers from a drawback of navigation break (that it does not let the reader go back to the same page from where he was directed on the error page). Therefore the best option is to make use of Javascript, which I personally feel, is the simple way to perform this exercise. To use this method you need to make use of two elements which redirects your reader on your home page:

Message of Redirection:  It is the best way to let your reader feel that he is not cheated while he was searching any information on your blog. In case of failure from being directed to that particular link following message will appear on his screen.

   "Sorry, the page you were looking does not exist. You will be redirected to homepage shortly."

Delay of Time:  This provides suitable time to the reader before being redirected to home page.

I am sure now you must be interested to know about the method of integrating these commands on your blog. So here starts your exercise:

1. Go to settings and look for search preferences options and click on option of Custom Page Not Found placed before Errors and redirections;


2.  Now click on edit option and paste the following set of commands:



3.  The first line of the commands has the message which you want to appear on the screen of your reader if he clicks on some non existing URL on your blog. However you are free to change this message according to your requirement; 

4.  For redirecting to a page/site instead of your home page, you should replace pathname with href, and /with the URL of the page site;

5. The time delay can be determined according to your requirement. In the above figure number 5000 is delay in time of redirecting to your home. This is measured in milliseconds. However you can change it according to your requirement. If you mention 0 value it means immediately your reader will be redirected to your home page.

Save Changes:   Before clicking on option of save changes, you would like to try the changes made by you, so as to protect your reader from inconvenience if any URL of your blog do not exists on your domain/subdomain. For instance and wait for results. You will find that within period of 5 seconds you will be directed on your homepage. Successful redirection to your home page means you have succeeded in your operation. Congratulations!!!!

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