How to Enable Mobile Version of Your Blog in Blogger

Do you know how do readers read your blog? As a general practice everyone visits particular internet browser on his system click for particular URL of your blog. Or being a regular reader of your blog they would either subscribed for the regular updates of your blog either through informative email or via your blog feed, which enables the readers to get updated information in your blog. But with technical advancement of communication technology people have now started using their mobile device for browsing purpose.

Do your readers use their mobile devices for your reading your blog? If you want to know that how many readers read your blog via their mobile, then you can do it by going through Statistics option on Blogger Dashboard. The other option is using user tracking tool. An interesting feature of using tracking tool is that it enables you to identify the facts like what type of topics are preferred by readers for reading, it also facilitates you to know through which source they browse your blog, it also let you know about their geographical location and various other information. Therefore if you find that your readers are using mobile devices for browsing your blog, then you need to optimize your blog for their use. What do you feel?

Why You Should Go Mobile?

During last one decade mobile has emerged as a versatile device meeting various needs of users. As an impact of this mobile users prefer to make use of their mobile for browsing purpose with help of their smartphones.  According to one the report published recently it is reported that almost 10% of internet users prefer to browse sites on their mobiles. Moreover with their hectic working schedule and lack of time people cannot sit in front of their computers and laptops for hours to browse. With an easy access on mobile they prefer to browse on their handsets according to availability of their time. But problem with surfing through mobile is that it lags the bandwidth available on computers, moreover screen of mobile is too smaller than compared to screen of computer or laptop. Therefore preferring the desires of mobile users you need to design your blog according to requirements of readers reading your blog on their mobile handsets.

Before enabling your blog for mobile users:

Designing your blog for readers to read on their mobile handset is not easy as making a cup of coffee. It requires proper coding and its implementation. But blogger takes all your responsibilities on its shoulder and protect you from all hard endeavors. That means no complicated codes, just going to the mobile templates offered by Blogger and enabling the mobile version of blog after which your blog will be optimized for mobile handsets. Of-course customs styles, widgets and gadgets of your blog are not available on template for mobiles. But standard gadgets like header, attribution, Adsense, comment form will be available for mobile readers. If you are concerned regarding performance of mobile templates than be assured they will work properly for mobile devices.

The updated version of blogger enables you to re-size all formats of images according to requirement of screen integrated in mobile devices.  Just preview your blog after enabling for mobile devices. But if still you face any problem then go to Google page speed online which enables you to check performance of your blog viewed on mobiles. Let me now start tutorial of enabling mobile version for blog in blogger.

 Step 1: Move to Blogger Dashboard; 

Step 2: Click on title of your blog; 

Step 3: Now move on template tab; 


Step 4: Click on Gear Icon placed below Mobile Template;


 Step 5: Click on Yes. Display mobile template on mobile devices option;  


Step 6: Now choose preferred mobile template by making use of drop down box. Later you have option of previewing the template selected by you;


Step 7: Now click on preview option to have view optimized versions of your blog for mobile, and now click on Save if you are satisfied;  

Step 8: Now readers are facilitated with facility of reading your blog on their mobile handsets.

PS: Still you have some doubt regarding performance of your blog on mobile device you can preview it appending /?m=1 to end of your blog URL as shown below:

[Your Blog URL]/?m=1

For Example:

Hope you would have enjoyed this tutorial and did not felt bore while going through it.

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