How To Embed External Content On Your Blogger Posts Or Pages

As a blog writer are you aware of the term “external content”. In simple terms external content refers to images, or links which are placed in between the text. Blogger platform facilitates you to assimilate these features in your blog. But in our today’s tutorial external content refers to integration of videos, common widgets, or different types of buttons etc. Are you interested to integrate such features in your blog? Even if you are not interested to integrate such features in your blog, but then also I will urge you to think a situation when you want to embed features like poll button or follow button between your content. Than how will you embed these features in your blog through post editor?

At blogger you will find facility of integrating features like images and videos in your blog at the same time while you are composing blog. Now my question to you is that have you ever tried to work on HTML? Because HTML mode in your post editor displays HTML code against your content. So if you are acquainted with knowledge of HTML mode that you can edit your content while composing and integrate external content in your blog. Today we shall be discussing the process of How to Embed External Content on Your Blogger Posts or Pages.

Let us start our process:

Step 1 : Move on to your blogger dashboard;

Step 2 : Click on title of your blog;

Step 3 : Now according to your requirement, you integrate following features in your blog;

Assimilating content in your post:  Move on option of new post for embedding content in your blog or directly move on posts tab and click on option of edit link appearing on ongoing blog;

Integrating content on static page:  Move on pages tab after that either you should click on edit link appearing on page of your ongoing content or add blank page through new page option, if you are interesting assimilating content in a new page.

Step 4 : After making the necessary changes according to your requirement you will be directly moved on post editor. Now by clicking on HTML option located at top of toolbar click on HTML button;


Step 5 : Now either you can add or make changes in your existing code appearing in content text and move for additional changes according to your requirement;

Step 6 : Once you have made necessary changes in your content, have a look of your code appearing in your blog by clicking on preview option; (in some cases there are chances that your code may not work or appear properly in preview mode);

Step 7 : As the final step either directly publish your blog or save it.

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