How To Edit Your Blogger Template

Are you satisfied with appearance of templates on your blog? Don’t you find it amazing that how various blog writers take care of different templates and widgets present on their blog and customize them according to their requirement? Nothing to worry, you can also do that, what is expected from you is that you should know what in real you want from your template. However, as you are aware that unlike other websites blogger is grounded on different markup languages. Moreover as you are also aware with HTML and different markup language, you may find it difficult to make changes according to your requirement. So now what you will do to make changes in your blogger template.

Not any specific tactics:

There is not any specific tactic to carry out this exercise for making changes in template. At blogger you will find principal set of template code which facilitates you to make required changes in template of your blog through template editor. But for this you should have full knowledge in HTML followed by full knowledge of template code which should be edited according to your requirement. Anyhow if you do not have expertise on markup languages of HTML, if you do not have full knowledge then you may find it difficult. But still you have facility of resetting the wrong changes made by you and with backup option you can restore your template.

Features available in Template:

In template you will find series of HTML codes followed by necessary styles which are required for generating template followed by widget templates. If you move on template editor, you may edit it according to your requirement depending upon your knowledge of markup languages. There are different ways according to which various blog writers customize their templates. But still there are some options by which you can make changes in your template without making any change in your template. Blogger enables you to customize background image, color, arrange widgets and make changes in blog template rather than moving on template. However it has few restrictions. In our today’s  blog we will discuss how to edit your blogger template.

Step 1 : Move on your blogger dashboard;

Step 2 : Click on title of your blog;

Step 3 : Move on template option (but working on this tab, I would suggest you to take backup of your template, so that if any mistake takes place you can restore it by taking its backup);


Step 4 : Click on option of Edit HTML listed below preview of your blog;


Step 5 : Move on to proceed option to move on template editor;

Step 6 : Check option of expand widget template for expanding your element code and have look of your template;


Step 7 : Now add codes or edit content of your template;

Step 8 : Now save the changes for activating changes made by you in template.

Do you find this tutorial beneficial for you to meet your requirements.

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