How To Display Your Standalone Pages In Blogger

You must have huge list of various important pages apart from you blog, these pages include your home page, informative page regarding you etc. Once you have created these pages in your blog, the question of concern is to compel readers go through these pages also. This you can do by also integrating necessary links by making necessary additions in your template that will directly divert your readers on those pages. These pages will be displayed in a series.

Blogger offers you the facility of creating standalone pages for your blog and make them appear on blog. It also enables you to move your readers directly on these pages without customizing your link. These pages also act as navigators for your blog. This could be done by making use of pages widget available on blogger dashboard. But for that you need to follow some necessary operations. Do you find standalone pages as necessary application for you to use? If your answer is yes than am sure this tutorial is going to be of some help to you. In this tutorial we will learn how to display your standalone pages in blogger.

For this you will have go through the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 : Move on to Blogger Dashboard;

Step 2 : Check on the title of your blog;

Step 3 : Move on tab of pages;


Important to Note: If there are any static pages they will be displayed on it. Anyhow if there are not any static pages then only Home page will be displayed that will link your readers to homepage.

Step 4 : Now move on the option of show pages as and click on the options in which you want static pages to appear on your blog;


  • Top tabs: By clicking on this option the standalone pages will be displayed in horizontal bar below header of your blog;
  • Side Links: It will be displayed in format of list on sidebar;
  • Don’t Show: If you do not want display any of your pages on your blog then click on this option.

Step 5 : Check the option of save changes located at top;

Step 6 : This finishes your exercise. However instead of selecting any displaying options as mentioned at step 4, if you have clicked on the option of show pages, that all published pages of your blog will be displayed in list format.  But if you are interested to manage according to your requirement, then move on Layout option;


Step 7 : Search for pages element;

Step 8 : Below particular element you will find edit link, click on that;

Step 9 : Click on search for pages which you want to display on your blog and manage these pages in configuration pop up window;


Step 10 : Check the option of save;

Step 11 : As the final step save layout of your blog.

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