How To Display Labels Of Your Posts In Blogger

As a blog writer are you familiar with labeling or categorizing of your blog. Whenever any new blog writer starts writing blogs he does not understand the relevance of categorizing or labeling his blog. But as number of his blogs increases categorizing becomes necessary so that he can identify how many blogs he had written on any specific subject. However if a fresh blog writer starts this practice from the beginning it will never be difficult for him to determine category of different blogs composed by him. You may say that it may not be required to categorize or label blogs for readers looking for your blog through organic web search. Basically it is necessary for Search engine optimization, to categorize different blogs according to category.  

So that whenever any readers looks for specific article, search engine may deliver him the list of articles written on that specific theme.  But if any reader is interested to read your blog on particular subject then it will be difficult for your search for that specific article from list of your blog. Then what procedure will you apply so that your potential readers may not require searching for your article through search engines. It is because of this I decided to discuss the process of How to Display Labels of Your Posts in Blogger.

How it Works:

Blogger offers you the feature of Blogger Gadget List which enables you to display post labels to your readers. This facilitates the readers to click on your page to check the list of blogs composed by you.  This in true sense is a great help to readers as they are unaware of the feature from where they can explore the list of blogs composed by you. By making use of this gadget you can display list of your liked labels and their categories to your readers. But before you proceed of categorizing or labeling your blogs, you should have full knowledge of labeling or categorizing posts in blogger.

Let us now start our operation:

Step 1 : Move on to blogger dashboard;

Step 2 : Now click on title of your blog;

Step 3 : Move on to layout option;


Step 4 : Check on add a gadget link;


Step 5 : Move forward on the gadget list shown on the pop up box and check on labels gadget;


Step 6 : After carrying out fifth step you will be directly move to configuration page for configuring your labels widget through available options. Although these options are self explanatory but still for your convenience let us discuss them:


  • Display: Here you have facility of changing the display of your label widget on your blog. They normally appear in list format which can be vertically, or in cloud format.  The option of cloud will provide more space if you have mentioned huge number of labels in post.

  • Show:  This feature enables you to either display few of your labels or your all labels.

  • Sorting: By making use of this feature you can arrange your labels according to your wish i.e., either alphabetically or numerically.

Step 7 : Once you have configured label widget successfully check the save option to save the changes;

Step 8 : After making saving the changes you can now adjust your widget at the place where you want it to appear on your blog;

Step 9 : After placing the label widget at your desired position on your blog, preview your blog and if you find it according to your requirement, click on the save option to finish the process.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, will catch you soon with some interesting tutorial.

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