How To Disable Google+ Sharing Prompt In Blogger

Since the inception of Google+ in the universe of social networking website, Google began to mount Google+ on its various services. The worth mentioning benefit of this feature was that it enables you to get your friends on various Google services connected with you on Google+. This could be used a beneficial tool by blog writers for engaging their readers on Google+. As recent update introduced by Blogger, Blog writers may now assimilate Google+ feature in their blog.  If you are familiar with this facility than I am sure you must be enjoying the benefits offered by Google+. By making use of this feature you are provided with prefilled Google+ share box just after you have published blog on blogger. Anyway do you find this feature beneficial for you to use?


Although various blog writers consider integration of Google+ feature on their blogs, but still there are some who find it irritating. If you are one of those blog writers, then there is a good news for you. Recently blogger has rejuvenated its existing facility of integrating Google+ feature in your blog. The newly upgraded feature facilitates you to share your blog through posts or as soon as your blog is published. Still you are interested in sharing your blog through post then you have an option of disabling that facility.  Let us discuss method of how to disable Google+ Sharing prompt in Blogger.

By following the steps mentioned below you can disable Google+ Sharing prompt in blogger:

Step 1 : Switch on to your blogger dashboard;

Step 2 : Check the title of your blog;

Step 3 : Move on to Google+ tab;


Step 4 : Now uncheck the option of share my posts from this account to Google+;

Step 5 : The changes made by you will be saved automatically.

Hope you have found solution to your problem. Am sure you will definitely find this tutorial beneficial for you.

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