How To Create A Contact Form For Blogger By Using Kontactr

Are you aware regarding the importance of integrating contact form into your blog, which facilitates your visitors to contact with you and post their comments about your blog. Another interesting feature of integrating contact form is that your email address is not disclosed to anyone. This is helpful in protecting your email address from spammers.  On the basis of my personal experience I consider Kontactr as a best tool for integrating contact form for websites based on blogger platform.

Few days back Kontactr enhanced its feature by integrating CAPTCHA feature, abusing all the efforts of spammers trying to attack your contact form. It also facilitates you to customize appearance of your contact form according to your requirement. In this tutorial we will discuss the process of integrating contact form by making use of Kontactr.

step 1 : The first step in this process it to create Kontactr account by getting registered on its official website offering free registration facility to use it.


 The registration process is same as followed on other websites that is filling your name, selecting your user name followed by your password and email address. It would be important to mention here that the username chosen by you will be provided in format. After you sign in, you will be required to verify your email address after which you will be free to use it, in the same as you sign on other websites by providing your username and password.

Once you start using Kontactr service it directly creates a contact form for you. However only one contact form is created for one user, and therefore if you are interested in using more contact forms for any reason, than you need to register with different user name and email address.

Step 2 : Capture the code for integrating Contact Form: After signing into Kontactr, you will be provided a code for your contact form.

In the above picture you need to highlight all codes mentioned in box below AJAX Widget. This code can be added on some specific page for creating a contact form.

Step 3 : Creating a Contact Page:

In blogger dashboard create a “contact” page where you wish to integrate your contact form. In that you can some content according to your requirement. Now  click on EDIT HTML option before you paste your Kontactr code. By making preview of this page you can have a look of your form at the place on which you have pasted Kontactr code. It would be important to mention here that this may take time depending upon your Internet connection speed. This happens because contact form is designed in an iframe and secondly because Captcha’s are in position to control spammers. The picture displayed below will give you an idea regarding display of your contact form designed with help of Kontactr.


After you are satisfied with display of your contact form than you should save it.

Step 4 : Customizing Kontactr form:

In general practice Kontactr form has white background with text written in black words. This may not be suitable according to your blogger template. Fortunately Kontactr dashboard has solution to your this problem. There is a link to customize the Ajax Widget on your form, this enables you to change the color of your contact form according to display of your blog;

For changing the appearance of your contact form you will have to paste the custom code available on this page rather than default code to display the form according to your site.

Step 5 : What happens on use of contact form by a visitor:

The details which you have provided at the time of submitting the contact form will be sent to you at the email address provided by you while registering with Kontactr. This will enable your visitor to contact you after which you will be able to reply them. Here it would be important to mention that form submissions are not kept saved by Kontactr, therefore it is necessary to save important submissions received through contact form.

According to me there is no limit for submissions by making use of Kontactr forms. This service serves your two purposes one it totally free and second it is more reliable.

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