How To Create A Blogger Feed Using Google FeedBurner

As a blog writer you must be aware of the term “Feed” which is a process of providing your blog to the readers who do not read your blogs on regular basis. As general practice Feed is published automatically by Blogger whenever any new blog is published on it. But now the question arises that does this practice has any relevance? Or do you know the way of using this feature? Normally the segment of irregular readers or readers of Feed subscribe for receiving any new updates on your blog through the website from which they read your blog and do not subscribe on your website to receive the updates related with blog. 

The other possibility is to integrate Feed feature in your blog that will enable other channels to provide your blog on their individual platform, for instance various sites providing facility of blog posting. This is the one way of making proper use of Feed feature in your blog, but apart from this is there any other use of this Feed in your blog?

As discussed above Feed is the way of engaging irregular readers of your blog by subscribing with other sources. Moving ahead on this subject in our tutorial of today we shall be discussing additional benefits which can be acquired by making proper use of Feed feature for your website. Here it would be worth mentioning to discuss the feature offered by Feed Burner is a kind of management service related with Feed of your blog, enhancing the feasibility of your blog for readers. It also enables the blog authors to make additional use of some extra-ordinary feature offered by Feedburner. This tutorial discusses the process of creating Blogger Feed by making use of Google Feedburner. However before that I feel necessary to discuss the feature offered by FeedBurner.

  • It provides information regarding feed and number of readers who have subscribed for Feed;
  • It provides information regarding new updates in your blog through Email;
  • It strengthens your financial position by providing you money from feed;
  • Allows you to provide regarding any updates of your blog to other channels.

Apart from above features a FeedBurner will make use of URL for Feedburner with an objective of inhabiting your feed after making necessary corrections in your feed. Once your feed is inhabited it is ready to provide additional features through feed addresses of FeedBurner. Therefore if you are interested in integrating Feedburner for your feed than ensure that you have enabled Feed feature in your blog. 

The first step in integrating FeedBurner in your blog, you are required to get Feed address by making use of Feedburner. Given below is the process of acquiring Feed address of FeedBurner.

A. For this you should get yourself registered with Google FeedBurner accont. For this you make use of Google identity to sign in on  FeedBurner;

B. After this a textbox will appear on your screen showing a message as “Burn a feed right this instant” at its homepage. Here you have to mention the URL of your blog in the box and move towards the next step by clicking on next option;


C. After inserting URL of your blog you will be provided with Feed Address of your blog. After which you have to choose a feed address according to your requirement and check the option of Next button;

D. Now mention your feed’s title and choose the required feed address from FeedBurner to determine your Feed address and check the option of Next;

E. This will create your FeedBurner feed. After noting your FeedBurner Feed Address check on the option of Next;

F. Finally you have to click on statistic variant of FeedBurner, after which you have to check all the options and click on Next option to proceed further.

Now move to Blogger Dashboard and carry out the following exercises:

1. Check title of your Blog;

2. Move on to option of Settings.


3. Click on the other tab;

4. Now search for option of Site Feed and their mention FeedBurner Feed Address acquired by you for Post Feed Redirect URL, and check on the option of Add link; 

5. Finally to activate the changes click on the save option for saving changes.

Did you found this tutorial beneficial for you? I will appreciate your comments.

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