How To Control The Attribution Gadget When Using The Template Designer

While working on new template from Blogger you would have noticed a widget named as “Attribution” that is placed at the bottom of your website. This widget carries various information like details of template designer, “Powered by Blogger” statement, and information regarding images that have been integrated in your blog with help of template designer. Moving ahead you are also facilitated to provide information regarding copyright in this gadget by making editions in Layout pages of your dashboard, however by default you are not in position to make any change in its position or eliminate it.

We shall be dicussing for Control The Attribution Gadget When Using The Template Designer. But there might be different reasons due to which you would not like to make this gadget appear on your layout of your Blogger. Let us for instance say, that you have customized your template so that do not looks like its default design on which it was created or you do not want to disclose let your visitors know that your site is being operated on Blogger platform.

But elimination of Attribution is not an easy task to perform but by still there is an easy way to replace this gadget with gadget you want to appear on your blog.
Before you proceed further in this operation of introducing changes in HTML code of your blog, I would suggest you to take backup of your template.   Now let us start our operation.

Editing HTML template: 

Click on template widget of your dashboard and move on EDIT HTML option to look for code given below:


Make the changes in showadelement=no and locked=true variables in above code after which your code will appear like this


And save the changes made by you.

Deleting Attribution gadget and replacing it with other gadget of your choice:

To carry out this step click on Layout section and move to Attribution widget located at bottom. Now move on Edit link option, there you will find an option of remove the gadget (which was not present earlier). Here at the footer you will find an option of Add a Gadget enabling you to integrate gadget which you want to integrate on your site.


I am sure a question be arising in your mind that is it feasible to remove Attribution gadget from your site. Then I would like to inform you that terms and conditions of Blogger does not refer any such terms which restrict the users to remove such gadgets from your site.

I hope you would have enjoyed this discussion beneficial for your purpose. I will benefit from your comments.

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