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Before starting our tutorial for today let me ask you question regarding your proficiency of blog writing and how much you are aware about features that can be integrated in your blog, which are helpful in enhancing its relevance.  In these features, Feed is a feature which is automatically published by Blogger for any new blog published on Blogger platform. The feed feature enables the irregular readers of your blog to read blog through other sources.  By subscribing for feed of your blog, the readers do not require visiting your site on regular basis, and they are informed directly regarding any new update on your blog at their email address. This feature is carried out by making use of services provided by FeedBurner. But are you aware about excellent array of features offered by FeedBurner.

In our tutorial we shall be discussing the various feature offered by FeedBurner setting and how to configure your FeedBurner Settings.  Among these settings some of the settings are essential settings which can be considered as default settings, where as there some settings which could be changed according to your requirement.  Although I was also unaware about all these features but once I tried these feature personally I found them very useful for bloggers. Therefore I decided to share my experience with you through this tutorial. But before that I would urge you to have full knowledge of creating Blogger feed by making use of Google FeedBurner, but if you are non-blogger than you should be familiar with process of redirecting your feed to Google FeedBurner. Once you acquire this knowledge than you should start your operation of configuring your FeedBurner Settings.

Follow these steps:

  • Move on to FeedBurner service;
  • Now move on to title of your feed;
  • After this you have access FeedBurner Settings for your feed.

Going through the importance of subject I feel I should discuss every setting individually so as to prevent you from any type of problem while arranging your settings.


This will enable you to know feed statistics related with your feed according to your requirement which may be daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This statistics will also reveal you information regarding subscribers and use of feed. Apart from this FeedBurner also assists you in exporting your statistics.

Configuring statistics:

This feature will help you in managing statistics of your feed. As a general practices FeedBurner follows the subscribers, is a type of feed reader application which views you feed and also the number of persons who have gone through content of your feed. You can also track views of your feed, downloads from podcast and feed links. It also helps you changing post links on your feed to following links.

Your feed:

This feature enables you to access how the feed of your site is configured with FeedBurner.


This feature provides you various services of FeedBurner to optimize feeds of your visitors.

User friendly Browser:

This feature will enable you to deliver your feed as webpage on various web browsers enabling the visitors to subscribe for your feed available on these browsers. On these website you can design theme to subscribe for your feed, you can also customize content of your feed, the way in which it should be displayed, it also enable you to write a personal message which is shown at the top of your feed. Apart from this you can also integrate additional subscription option for your subscribe.

Smart Feed:

It is also a mandatory service which I would suggest you to use. This feature enables you to translate your feed in another feed format on the fly. Feed format refers to RSS   or Atom format. This means that if your feed is in Atom format than it will be converted into RSS format automatically. This protects your feed from restricting into specific feed format.

XML Source:

Here you can find real view of your XML feed published in your site. This enables site viewers of your site to see your feed if your feed is not directed on FeedBurner.

Feed Flare:

This feature enable the subscribed readers of your blog to work on your feed while they read it. This can be done by integrating feature known as FeedFlare units which is located at the bottom of each feed. It is used for different purpose for instance show off comments, displaying copy right, sharing your content.

Feed Image Burner:

Here you can integrate image at header of your feed and is displayed at the right corner on the top of your feed. You have option of using default FeedBurner image available on FeedBurner or you can customize image of your feed according to your requirement.


This feature enables you to display location of your publication, i.e., it enables you to display from where you feed is produced. For instance if you are resident of United States of America, than you should enter Zip code of your location or you mention latitude and longitude of your location. This feature is however an optional method and is active only when you feel to activate it.

Link Splicer:

This will help you to integrate links on your feed, although it supports integration of only specific links.

Photo Splicer:

This feature enables you to display external image displayed on your image hosting service.

Summary Burner:

What do you want to serve to your subscribers, your full feed without visiting your page or you want to come on your site. For this, summary burner provides you the facility of enabling your subscriber to read your full blog. It also summarizes content of your feed enabling you to also provide a teaser message for each feed item.

Convert Format:

This feature is similar to Smart Feed feature as mentioned above and is used convert the format of your feed according to your choice i.e, either RSS or Atom feed. But it is more advanced form of Smart feed enabling you to translate your feed in the format which is compatible to your feed.

Title/Description Burner:

It lets you to edit the default feed title and description of feed according to your requirement.  For instance if title of your feed is not descriptive then you can make use of this feature and replace the existing title appearing at the header of your page.


This feature enables you to promote your feed and statistics through email subscription and configure various options concerned with FeedBurner Feed.


Headline Animator:

It is an animated banner which displays 5 recent content and enables you to promote these posts wherever you find HTML. It also facilitates you to customize the display of your title and decide how it will appear. Once you have customized the display of your title you can show its HTML snipped at required position of your blog or at the pace which is compatible to HTML.

Buzz Boost:

It is a simple way to republish content of your feed as HTML. It is beneficial in promoting you recent content and are referred as widget on site.

Email Subscription:

It is one of most common feature in which you can create an email set up or newsletter which enables the readers to subscribe for your feed through email. You have facility of changing the format of delivery, email format according to different categories. It also facilitates you to contact your potential readers if they unsubscribe from your feed. This will help you to identify your mistakes, likes and dislikes of your readers.

Subscription Management: This provides you the code snippet and link for email subscription which can be integrated on your blog.

Communication preference: This feature facilitates you to design confirmation email which is delivered to subscribers when they subscribe to your feed for first time. As soon as the readers reveal your email address and subscribe for updates through email, they will receive this confirmation mail before they wish to get updates through email.

Email Branding: It is one of the important portion which should be considered seriously. It enables you to determine format of your subscription email in the form in which it will be shown to your subscribed members. It is therefore necessary to design it with full concern.

Delivery Options: It is one of the most difficult feature in email subscription. It will let you to determine the delivery time for readers who have subscribed for email subscription of your feed. Depending upon the time zone of their country you should determine the delivery time of your subscription.


It is one of the most important feature which should not be ignored. It automatically notifies the subscribers regarding any update in your feed.


It is also an interesting feature offered by FeedBurner which is used to propagandize reach of your feed. It enables you to display number of your subscribers either on your site or on HTML of your site.


This feature lets you to share your post with different sources of media. At present it is only available for Twitters. By linking twitter profile along with FeedBurner you can promote updates of your feed on your twitter profile.

Creative commons:

It facilitates you to retain copyright on your content enabling visitors on your feed to share it with others. It will be posted with license being displayed on your feed depending upon the conditions determined according to you.

Awareness API:

It lets the developers to utilize your feed and information regarding traffic that reads your feed. This helpful in developing applications on basis of your feed for exploring your content.

Password Protector:

To protect your feed from being accessed by others keep your feed protected by password. This will enable your readers to insert their username and password before reading your feed.

Chicklet Chooser:

This facilitates you to explore your feed on your personal site to look for feed of site enabling your subscribers to receive feed immediately through feed service acquired by them. Subscribers who are interested to subscribe through different sources will find this option available by FeedBurner feed.


Earlier your feeds were crawled and index by various search engines. Which enhanced the chances of content duplication as your original post was indexed by various search engines. But with changing time search engines stopped the practice of indexing, therefore there is no use of this feature. However activation of this feature does not make any harm to your post.


If you are familiar with use of Google Adsense feature than you can make use of Configure Ads option, which will display ads followed by feed. It is an interesting way of earning additional income by exploring feed on website.


This will provide you necessary instructions and tips related with your feed and reveal reports related with you feed enabling the positive and negative aspects related with your feed.

Tips and Tools:

This will help you in determining problems associated with your Feedburner feed. It lets you know the problems and suggest solution to it. Apart from this you can also resynchronize your feed when your feed is not updated accordingly.


It is an important service which you should use to check any problem pertaining with your feed. It directly checks the problem and report to you, so that you can take necessary precaution to prevent it.

I not only do hope but am sure after this tutorial you will be undoubtedly be user friendly with FeedBurner Feed.

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