How To Change Post Date Header Format In Blogger

As you all are aware of the fact that Blogger provides free platform to bloggers throughout the world to share their thoughts with others. It also facilitates you to make changes in the settings that suits best to your blog. If you have tried to customize template of your blog, one variant would have definitely grabbed your attention i.e., post date header. This variant reveals the date when your post was published. Have you ever tried to customize this variant of your blog. My tutorial for today focuses on the process of change post date header format in blogger. Normally post date header is displayed as shown below in your blog.


Normally blogger do not displays the date on each of your blog. It displays post on the basis of their publication date, for instance if you have published two blogs on a day than they will be displayed in the list of blogs published on that particular date. However following little exercise you can display date on each of your blog and can even delete post date header from your blog. In simple terms Blogger facilitates you to make changes in post date header according to your requirement. You can minimize the digits of your date matching according to theme of your blog. Let us start our exercise for this:

Process of Operation:

Step 1 : Move on to Blogger Dashboard;

Step 2 : Select title of your blog;

Step 3 : Click on layout;


Step 4 : In layout option search for blog post and move on option of edit placed below blog element;


Step 5 : To carry out the fifth step move on the first option placed under post page options heading which displays different formats of date, which you may select according to your requirement;


Step 6 : Save changes made in page element;

Now move to the option of save arrangement and click on it, but before that have a look at its preview so that if you are not satisfied from any change you may correct it according to your requirement.

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