How To Align Blog Title And Description Header Texts In Blogger

In one of my tutorial I have explained that blogger facilitates you to customize blog title and blog description displayed on blog header through Template designer. But it suffers from few limitations and does not facilitate the blog writer to align text shown on the header. Therefore if you are facing this problem with your blog, then you can find its solution by making few editions in CSS styles available in template. This will help you in displaying header text according to alignment format determined by you. So now I start my tutorial focusing on how to align blog title and description header texts in blogger. Start following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 : Move on to blogger dashboard;

Step 2 : Click on title of your blog;

Step 3 : Move on to template option located on left side;


Note: Before making changes in to your template I suggest you to read How to Back Up Your Template.

Step 4 : Move on Edit HTML button placed at beneath of blog preview option;


Step 5 : Click on proceed button to view template editor;

Step 6 : Now following instructions will appear on your screen, on which you have to respond according to your requirement;

Aligning blog title text:  

  • Here you will the line shown in your template
               .Header h1 {

  • Now add this CSS style just above line, in a new line;

             text-align: [Alignment];

Align blog description text:

  • You will find line shown below in your template;

             .Header .description {

  • Now add this CSS style just above line, in a new line;

             text-align: [Alignment];

In the above CSS style alignment is used to determine the alignment of text; if you want to place it on right side mention right, if on center than mention centre. By default it is positioned on left side.

Step 7 : Now Preview and Save your template.

Hope you enjoyed going through this tutorial. Please provide your comments and also do feel free to share your problems.

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