How To Add Social Buttons With Hover Effects In Blogger

I am sure all of you are aware that by frequent upgrading of algorithm Google is making an impressive endeavor to control traffic of website. This has compelled more than 50 percent of blog writers to shift on use of social networking websites for enhancing traffic on their blogs. This has resulted in emergence of Floating Social Media Tab Widget which enables traffic on your website to transfigure as social followers. Introduction of this widget proved to be a great hit in current scenario. Encouraged from this others also decided to search for various different social widgets which will play an interesting role in enhancing adaptability of your blog. Therefore in our today’s tutorial we shall discuss the method of integrating social buttons with hover effect in blogger

Placement of social buttons with lingering impacts: 

There have been huge numbers of queries regarding placement of social widget on the sidebar. This has resulted in creation of Social Bookmarking Widget that can be placed on sidebar. This includes five social buttons namely Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and RSS Feed. This can be witnessed from the picture shown below:


Method of creating social button with lingering widget in blogger:

This step is going to be more beneficial fresh bloggers and just require 5 minutes to adhere if instructions mentioned below are followed properly.

Step 1 : Click on and then look for Layout option and then click Add a Gadget;

Step 2 : Now from the list select Edit HTML/JavaScript;

Step 3 : Finally HTML text box paste the following series of codes.  


Necessary steps for customization:

  • Replace from Google+Profile URL;
  • Replace from Twitter Username;
  • Replace with RSS Feed URL;
  • Replace with Pinterest Profile URL;
  • Replace with Facebook Page URL.

Once all the above mentioned steps are carried out properly you now have to save the template and check the website to view the changes made.


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