How To Add Search Description For Your Blog In Blogger

Writing a blog is not worthy until unless it does not leave any message to its readers. Your blog should be such that it not only grabs attention of readers but also compel your readers to share and recommend your blog with friends and relatives in their circle. It is because of this every blog contains a brief description of your blog revealing the readers to know what is the essence of your blog and defines the objective of writing a blog. As a general practice readers read your blog through references and are not interested to go through brief description about your blog. They are interested in reading your blog and if they find it interesting they will continue to read your blogs published at regular intervals. But there are some readers who search for specific blog through search engines. 

To facilitate such readers blog writers provide brief description about their blog below the title of their blog so that before landing on your blog they go through search results revealed by search engines. It is therefore necessary that your blog description should in itself an informative providing brief information regarding content available in your blog. Going through description of your blog your readers will know that whether your blog is relevant to them or not. Do you have blog description for your blog?

But mentioning a description of your blog by making use of text or setting does not satisfy the requirements of search engines to track description of your blog. You have to inform search engines to display your blog description under title of your blog in the results shown by them. Given below is an instance how your blog description will appear in results displayed by search engines.

But from Search engine optimization point of view this is a technical process and matter of concern. As a general practice search engines search for meta tag to determine as description of your blog. The description meta tag of your blog can be determined by making correction in your template. However if you are concern regarding making correction in your template, than you have option of using description feature of /blogger. This feature enables search engines to understand that description determined by you is the blog description. The maximum character length for blog description is 150 characters. These 150 characters can be considered as first impression of your blog, therefore make sure that description of your blog is meaningful, clear and self explanatory. Anyhow if your blog does not have suitable description the results displayed by search engines will be displayed on the basis of content which is available on homepage depending upon the search query made by the readers. 

But before you for determining description of your blog you should consider following aspects in concern:

You should check whether your template has code snippet available in it. If it is not present in your template, add it just after <head> tag.

                      <b:include data="blog" name="all-head-content">

PS: If you do not know the way of viewing and editing your template I would suggest you to go through How to edit your blogger template. 

Let us now start our operation: 

Step 1 : Move on to Blogger Dashboard;

Step 2 : Click on title of your blog;

Step 3 : Move on settings option located at left side;


Step 4 : Move on sub option of search preferences;

Step 5 : Search for option of Description placed under option of meta tags and click on option of edit placed before it;


Step 6 : For setting enabling search description click on Yes option;


Step 7 : Insert blog description at the place determined for it; (it is to be kept in concern that description of your blog should not be more than 150 characters);

Step 8 : Now as final step click on save option, to implement your description.

Do you find this tutorial beneficial for you? I will be benefited from your comments.



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