How To Add a Poll In Blogger

As blog writer you must be always interested to know views of your readers regarding what they feel about your content, are they satisfied from information provided by you, or disagree with your explanation. This practice is commonly known as reader feedback. In simple words reader feedback may be described as the process of retaining contact with readers. As a common practice normally blog writers make use of different methods for interacting with readers which includes integration of comment form, ratings (enabling them to rank your blog according to their assessment). Developing online communities (is new process of encouraging interaction with readers, in current scenario. Especially with emergence of social networking websites)or integration of feedback page are advanced form of establishing interaction with readers.

All these ways can be considered as the best source of acquiring reactions of readers on your blog, but what if you want to know their reaction on any particular subject? For instance you want to know which is their most liked social networking website. Now the question arises which is the best method to know about their reactions. Either you can ask this question directly from online forum created by you or by putting the same question in your post. In reply to this some readers may prefer various options or some readers may even ignore to reply on it. Anyhow you will get some concrete replies from which you can make an analyze about their choice. In this regard rating can be a good option in which readers have to rate their choice. But the major drawback of this process is that it may not be authentic. Then what about poll? From all the above discussed options polling or voting can be considered as the best option as the option which received highest number of votes can be considered as the most liked social networking website.

The option of polling can be considered as the best option to getting views of readers on some particular subject. An interesting feature of polling is that it enables you to get almost an authentic reply to your question, because under this option you have to provide various options to your readers and an options which receives more response in its favor can be considered as the most liked option from readers. Moreover this can be regarded as an instant way of knowing reactions of readers because from their busy working schedule they may find difficult to comment, but by voting they can easily vote for their choice. Don’t you find this as the best option to identify regarding views of readers? Blogger facilitate its writers to integrate feature of poll on their blog. But the question arises how? Therefore going through the significances of polling I decided to discuss our tutorial on this subject i.e., how to add a Poll in Blogger?

So now without consuming much time let us start our tutorial:

Step 1 : Move on to blogger dashboard;

Step 2 : Click on title of your blog;

Step 3 : Navigate on layout option;


Step 4 : Now click on link of add a Gadget; 


Step 5 : Move down and check on the option of Poll available in gadget list;


Step 6 : This will enable you to mention your question and its various optional answers;


Important points:

  • For providing more options of answers you can click on the option of add another answer;
  • As a general practice option of poll activates for 7 days, but you can change it according to your requirement.

Step 7 : Now save the changes made in your poll option;

Step 8 : Move your poll option at the place you want to appear on layout of your blog and to implement these changes click on save option.

Are you ready to integrate this feature in your blog?

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