How To Add A Notification Bar To Your Website With Hello Bar

Today before starting my tutorial I would like to ask you a question. Tell me how do you inform your readers or visitors of your blog regarding any new information about your blog or website? Let us assume a situation that you have published a book on some specific subject and now you want to let your readers know about its availability. So how will you let them know about your book? Will you post a newsletter to them? Or make information regarding its availability of various social networking websites namely facebook, twitter, Google + or any other website. But now the question arises how will you inform the new visitors on your blog or website?  In this tutorial I shall be discussing the method of integrating a notification bar to Your Website with Hello Bar.

How to catch attention:

Making strategy to catch attention of visitors or readers on your blog is same as deciding strategy for promoting product in market. Your blog must have an interesting content which you feel will appeal the readers towards it. To attract readers on your blog you have decide the tactics so that they can be compelled to read your blog. In current scenario social networking websites provide suitable platform to promote your blog among the masses. As a general practice blog writers promote their blog either through banner or through blog post. However the problem still remains unsolved that will the readers see your blog and read it. As a general practice the best way to promote your blog is to place it on the position where it can grab attention of readers, say at the beneath of website. But this may be a wrong practice as most of the visitors may not visit full website, therefore it is better to avoid this practice. The next option is positioning information regarding your blog on the sidebars to grab attention of visitors. The other option is placing information of your blog at the top of website, so that even if somebody visits website your blog first appears on his screen. This may be a good option for you to grab attention of readers.

What can be the best option:

Instead of deciding various methods of grabbing attention of readers, I would like to mention the name of Hello Bar which is the best option of being noticed by the visitors. The Hello Bar can be integrated with a link delivering a message to the readers that if they wish to read your blog they may click on this link and go through it. But the message should be also written in fascinating way so that it catches attention of readers. For instance you may ask them to subscribe for your blog if they want to read by providing some sort of information available in your blog. But this method suffers from a drawback that most of the readers may neglect your message and this may not catch attention on your blog. It is therefore necessary that your message is written in a creative way that your readers are bound to read your blog.

Integration of free Hello Bar facilitates you to enjoy 25 clicks every month. This facility is available free for 25 clicks but if you want to get your bar clicked for more than 25 times every month than you should subscribe for the payment option. The benefits available with paid version carries feature of SSL support pages, which enables you to customize your themes, automatic A/B testing, automatic update of Hello Bar followed by RSS or Twitter Feeds. However even use of free version can also be a beneficial deal for promoting your blog to readers. What do you fee, shall we use it? If yes, then let us start our process of using free Hello Bar version.

Step 1 : Move on to sign up page of Hello Bar and sign on it by making use of your email address;

Step 2 : Now open your email account to get information regarding your login and use that information for logging in your new account. This will directly direct you to bar creating page;


Step 3 : After logging you will find a bar of default title. This bar you can amend according to your requirement by clicking on the existing title of bar;


Step 4 : Below this bar you will find an option of settings. By click on settings you have can change these setting according to your requirement.


The different setting options include:

Positioning: This option enables you to decide position of hello bar, from where it can easily grab the attention of readers. The best option is to place it at the top of page, however you can change it according to your requirement;

Show: This features lets you determine the time for which it will be displayed on website;

Link display: By working on this option of setting you may customize display of your specific link on Hello Bar;

Hide: By this you can hide the bar after being displayed for few minutes according to your requirement;

Wiggle Effect: This feature provides an additional color to bar, while users close and open the bar enabled with wiggle effect;

Tab Display: By using this option you may decide where the tab will be displayed after viewer closes the bar. This can be displayed either at left or right side of windows according to your requirement;

Step 5 : Now you have option of adding message which you want to be displayed on the bar in message field. But the message displayed by you should not be more than 85 characters;

Step 6 : If you wish to display your message along with the specific link, insert URL in the option of Link URL as shown below:


Step 7 : Moving ahead Hello Bar facilitates you with an interesting feature of updating your bar through Twitter. You just have enable Allow twitter updates and determine your Twitter handle;


Now you have to tweet as shown below by making use of your account, according to your requirement when you want to show any message on your bar.

  • Message: This option displays your message which should not be more than 85 characters;
  • Your link text: This feature enables you to display your message along with link of your text;
  • Your link: Here you can insert your working link or URL here.

Step 8 : The appearance option enables you to determine the appearance of your bar. You have option using the existing themes or change the color of each feature by making use of custom tab;


Step 9 : After determining above mentioned setting you will be provided an embed code your bar in a pop box. The other option of acquiring embed code is through manage bar page and then clicking on option of Embed.


Step 10 : Now look for </body> tag in your template and put embed code of your bar, before </body> tag.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please do let me know in case of any concerns.

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