How To Add Google+ Updates Gadget To Blogger

As blog writer you would have noticed that Blogger suffers from “Widget” or RSS feed which can be integrated in Blogger to show list of your recent posts on Google Plus. But Google+ to RSS provides the facility of creating RSS feed for your personal profiles and pages that be added in simple Feed gadget in Blogger.  In the coming paragraphs we shall be discussing the process of integrating Google+ updates gadget to blogger site.

To begin your operation you need to move on Google+ to RSS and generate stuff for personal Google+ Profile. For this you are required to log in with your Google+ account enabling the app to access stream of your profile.


As soon as this is done you will be required to arrange your entries and search the URL for your Google+ profile RSS feed :


Now click at the right side of RSS icon on your profile and select to copy the link location. This will be URL for RSS feed to your personal profile stream.

For publishing feed for a Google+ page: 

Click on the “New” button and paste the profile ID of your Google+ Page and carry out the procedure mentioned above to catch the URL.

It would be important to mention here that at time only two feeds for Google+ account can be created. This has is helpful in preventing worst impacts of the free available service. Once you have received the URL of your page or profile feed, move on to your dashboard of your Blogger and click on add a new feed gadget.


Now you have to paste the URL of your Google+ feed and change the title/options of your gadget that matches your requirements. Now you can preview appearance of your gadget this will resemble to appearance of your site. As the final step save your gadget and get blessed with your Google+ stream gadget.

I am sure you would have enjoyed  the above discussed tutorial if you have any suggestions or queries please do share with me.

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