How To Add Google+ Followers Gadget In Blogger

I am sure you will agree with me that in current scenario having an account on social networking website has become the latest trend among all segments of Internet user. The trend of getting registration with these websites increased rapidly since the introduction Facebook, which occupies a leading place in world of these social websites. Following the same trend, in 2011 Google also introduced a social networking website Google+ to grab attention of Internet users throughout the world.

With introduction of Google+, Google also integrated its various services with Google + namely Google Search, Google Reader and many more. Blogger is one of the services offered by Google, providing the best platform to blog writers for posting their blogs. Moving ahead of integrating its other services with Google+, Google is now to integrate Google+ with Blogger. Once Google+ is merged with Blogger, the blogs on Blogger will be supported by emblem of Google+. This will enable readers of your blog to view your followers on Google+ and getting associated with your followers. In our today’s tutorial we shall be discussing the process of add google+ followers gadget in blogger.

Google+ Followers:

It sounds very thrilling that integrating Google+ Followers gadget on your blog will enable your readers to view your profile and profiles of your followers. This will also enable them toget linked with your page and with your friends on Google+ by just a simple click.


Adherence of Google+ Followers gadget as compared to erstwhile option of FriendConnect available on Blogger is more interesting. I am sure all of you must be making use of FriendConnect gadget enabling your readers to follow you and go through updates of your blog through dashboard of Blogger. But now you are facilitated with option of integrating Google+ followers to your blog.

Comparison between Google+ Followers and Friend Connect Followers:

On March 1, 2012 Google had turned off its FriendConnect Followers gadget from all its sites, however you can find this option on Blogger enabling readers to follow you. Now with emergence of Google+ Followers it is expected that FriendConnect Followers will be soon replaced by Google+ Followers. Now you along with your new readers you can also inspire your ongoing FriendConnect Followers to follow you on Google+ Followers. This will protect you from losing your existing Friendconnect followers and get them associated with you.

You also have facility of retaining both gadgets on your blog but then your followers on both these gadgets will be required to follow you according to their preferred gadget. This will enable you to enjoy two sections of followers on these gadgets separately. However, in future you have option of removing FriendConnect followers from your blog. This will enable you to maintain your followers on both gadgets. I am sure you would have understood the relevance of integrating Google+ in your blog. But now you must be wondering how to integrate this feature in your blog. I have solution to your problem, you just have to follow the steps suggested below and then enjoy the feature:

Step 1 : Move on to Blogger Dashboard; 

Step 2 : Select the blog on which you integrate this feature;

Step 3 : Click on Google+ option, so as to ensure that your Google+ Profile and pages are linked with blog written by you;


Step 4 : Now you have option of selecting between Google+ profile and page box. This will display your existing followers in the Google+ Followers option you are going to integrate; 

Step 5 : As the fifth step click on Layout option;



Step 6 : Now move on the link of Add a Gadget shown in the layout option; 


Step 7 : From the list of window for gadget add Google+Followers gadget;


Step 8 : Now amend the title of your Google+ Followers gadget, and if you are satisfied than save the changes made by you; 


Step 9 : Now move the Google+ Followers gadget on the position of layout where you want to place it; 

Step 10 : As the final step of saving all the changes have a look of your blog featuring Google+ Followers gadget. If you are satisfied save it 

I am sure after reading this tutorial you must be speculating to adhere feature of Google+ Followers gadget in your blog at the earliest to keep your neck high in front of other blog authors..


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