How To Add Google +1 Button In Blogger

Have you installed Google+1 button on your blog? If you have activated Blogger share buttons available in post footer of your blog, then you will notice Google +1 button followed by various other sharing buttons available at post footer. Due to its appearance on post footer you need not have to again activate it. But do you know what the major drawback of this feature is? Because of its appearance on post footer you cannot move it and display it according to your choice on your blog.  Because of its appearance in post footer it is quite possible that readers of your blog may not see your Google+ 1 button on your page.  However you can do it by working on template code. But now you need not have to even do that.

The Google+1button enables your readers to recommend your blog on Google, these recommendations will be displayed to your friends and relatives added in your circle. This will encourage them to have look on your blog as it has been recommended by their friend. As the result of this there is an increase in traffic of your blog.Don’t you find the feature as an interesting tool for promotion of your blog and won’t you prefer to explore your blog to whole world through searches made on Google? 

But before you start you should consider following points:

  • +1 button normally appears on all pages of your website which includes your homepage and pages of posts posted on your website. However if you want this button to appear only on your posts then you should read Add Google+1 Button for blogger posts;
  • Recommendations made by +1 button will be activated for the pages on which it is located. However if you want to determine this button for any particular URL or page than I would suggest you to first go through the process of Add a Google+1 Button for your website.

 Let us now start our process:

Step 1 : Move on to Blogger Dashboard;

Step 2 : Click on title of your blog;

Step 3 : Now move on the option of Layout;


Step 4 : Now move on Add a Gadget shown in the layout. 


 Step 5 : Click on +1 Button available in gadget list; 


Step 6 : From configuration window click on button size and annotation style of your choice. This will reveal you a preview of how you button will appear on your page according to settings determined by you;


Step 7 : Once you have configured move on the save button to confirm your changes;

Step 8 : Now drag your +1 button on your layout and drop it on the place where you want to make it appear;

Step 9 : Preview your blog and save your layout.

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