How To Add Contributors Or Authors To Your Blog In Blogger

As a blog writer there may be various reasons due to which you might be finding it difficult to post your blogs on regular basis. Whereas it is possible that there would be some writers who must be interested to post their blog on your blog column. In such situation it would be better to provide them an opportunity of posting their blogs on your blog. This will enable you to get connected with your potential readers but it will also provide fresh and interesting content to your readers. Other option is to get other writers engaged with you and develop your personal blog team. After which they will write a blog for you without disclosing their name in front of your potential readers. But do you know how to add contributors or authors to your blog in blogger.

Need of additional contributors: 

The most common reason of involving more authors or contributors in your blog is that you might be interested in enhancing quality of your blog.

How to add contributors:

 If you want to involve more writers in your blog than blogger facilitates you with facility of adding more contributors in your blog. This can be done by sending an email invite to authors to whom you want to get involved with you. You can also find this feature useful if you want to invite guest authors for your blog. Authors invited will have option of managing the post created by them but they shall not be able access the posts made by other contributors. But if you wish to let them enjoy features offered by admin than they shall be go through all setting and post as done by you. If you are working on blogger than you have facility of adding as many contributors you want get involved with you. But before you start this process make sure that the blog contributors which you want to add in your team should have Google account. However if they do not have google account you can ask them to create their Google Account. After which you may start the following operation:

Step 1 : Move on to Blogger Dashboard;

Step 2 : Select title of your blog;

Step 3 : Move on to setting tab;


Step 4 : Now from your basic tab, search for blog authors option placed below permissions heading;

Step 5 : Now check on Add authors link;


Step 6 : After this you will find place for providing email identities of every author you wish to add in your team;

Step 7 : Check the option of invite authors;

Step 8 : As soon as these authors confirm invitation sent by you, they will be added in your list of blog authors. Apart from this you can also provide them facility of accessing admin privileges.

PS: Blog authors are entitled only to edit and post their personal publication and cannot access benefits of admin until unless you do not allow them to access this feature.

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