How To Add A Blogroll To Blogger

Before moving ahead in series of our tutorials let me define the subject of our tutorial for today, i.e., “Blogroll”. In simple terms blogroll refers to series of blogs which are recommended by others for your reference, they are mainly displayed in form of links. You would have also noticed blogroll on various blogs. As general practice if any blogger finds anything interesting in some blog he wishes to share that content with other bloggers and readers. Blogger has a widget which enables the blog writers to integrate that feature in their blog facilitating them to show off list of other blogs or by integrating links of those blogs manually. 

Normally blogger displays the list of updated blogs in recent blog posted by you. Apart from this along with displaying the links of recommended blogs you can also display the recently updated posts with their corresponding site followed by their thumbnails, date of update etc. Well do you find blogroll an interesting tool for your blog, which you would like to integrate for your readers? Because today we shall be discussing the process of how to add a Blogroll to Blogger?

By following the steps mentioned below you can add a blogroll to blogger.

Step 1 : Move on to your blogger dashboard;

Step 2 : Now click the blog on which you want to integrate feature of blogroll;

Step 3 : Move on to layout option;


Step 4 : Navigate on Add a Gadget link option;


Step 5 : From the list of gadget search for blog list and click on it;


Step 6 : After performing fifth step a configuration window will appear on your screen displaying list of recently updated blogs.

Here you can integrate your liked blogs or sites which you want to display on your blog. These items you can add by checking add to list button. These referred sites and blogs you can arrange according to your requirement:


  • Arrange them according to alphabet of blog titles or displaying them according to date of their updation,
  • Determining number of blogs which you want to show in your blogroll;
  • Showing title, thumbnail and snippets of recent updated blogs.

Step 7 : Now save the changes made by you, after you have configured them;

Step 8 : It is now time for arranging your made changes by dragging them;

Step 9 : Once you are satisfied from this check on the save option.

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