How Do I Find A Blog On Blogspot?

There are various blogging services and social networks which enables the visitors to make use of keywords or tag for sites and users hosted by them. For instance visitors visiting Tumblr are free to search for posts tagged “Blogspot” or visit and search for posts tagged with Google. But unfortunately blogger lack this feature to search for posts or blogs hosted on it. In this tutorial we shall be discussing the process of find a blog on blogspot.

Using Google Custom search to find sites on Blogger: 

As a general practice the best way to search for blog on Blogspot is to look on Goolge as “”.  For instance if you want to search for recipe site on Blogspot than you should enter following request on Google search bar:


The other way to carry out the same exercise is to use the “Advanced” search option of Google and mention “” in the section provided for domain name. The drawback of this feature is that it does not include those mentioning custom domain for blogger sites.

Searching blogs through blogger profiles: 

The other way of searching blog on blogger is to search for blogger profiles by keywords. By making use of Advanced search on Google you can search for domain name. Results will be displayed as shown below:

Using Blogger Navigation bar:

Generally almost every blogger blog has navigation bar located at the top of page. Inside this navigation bar you will find a link to Next Blog, by clicking on which you will find random blog sites.


Although searching sites randomly is quite good, but this may not be favorable in situation where you want to search for particular blog.  Moreover there are various bloggers who opt for hiding navigation bar, therefore while searching for sites which have hidden navigation bar, you will not be able to search for next random sites.

Hope you would have enjoyed this tutorial. I will welcome your comments.

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