Embedding A YouTube Video On Your Blog

As a blog writer you must be aware regarding relevance of inserting supportive photos for the text written by you, because photos reveal more than words and facilitates readers to understand the message conveyed by you in easier sense. But now making use of advanced technology you have facility of Embedding a youtube video on your Blog to share with readers. YouTube is premier online video providing website that has videos based on different subjects. You just have to copy its URL and paste it on the place where you want to place your supportive video.

YouTube for Masses: 

Before integrating supportive video of your text you should take care of few important points. These points are discussed below:

  • You do not have control on video linked by you and the owner of video can make any changes in that video without bringing this into your notice. He can even remove video without giving you any prior notice; 

  • The second point is to have proper knowledge of copyright issues related with the particular being linked by you.  Because sometimes there are chances that video linked by you is not permitted to be watched in the country where you live or where your potential readers live.

In current scenario video sharing has emerged as the most liked activity among the Internet users. Therefore various social networking websites namely Twitter, Google+, Facebook, MySpace (the upgraded version) have facility of sharing videos with friends.

Embedding Video from YouTube:  

Integrating video in blog is mainly done by making use of <iframe> tag in HTML variant of your blog. <iframe> is the source which facilitates the user to insert other document in current HTML document. However in coming years it is expected that <iframe> will get an outdated source. Although in current scenario it is one of the simplest and easiest forms of integrating video in HTML variant. By integrating <iframe> in HTML page your code will appear as shown below:

                   <iframe src="http://<LinkToThatAwesomeVideo>"></iframe>

From figure shown below let us understand the method of integrating YouTube to your blog:


In the above picture the options shown are self explanatory. But for acquiring right code to integrating video you need to click on Share supported by Embed. This will generate an embedding code for you to use. After which you just have copy and paste the code by making use of available options detailed below:

  • Display suggested videos once the supportive video is over: For activating this option you need to click on the option which you want to share with your readers and concentrate on your blog.
  • Use of HTTPs: This option enables you to share video by making use of an encrypted connect. This is mainly done for increasing privacy and security for services including web browsing, email and messaging.
  • Play in High Definition: Remember one thing that most of your readers do not have fast speed Internet connection and therefore they will not be able to watch high defined videos;
  • Enabling privacy enhanced code: This option enables YouTube to make use of cookies on computers of readers watching that video;
  • Making use of old embed codes: Clicking on this option will create an old styled embedding code by making use <object> tag rather than <iframe> tag;
  • You also have facility of determining dimensions of the frame for playback. In the given dimensions of 560 x 315 pixels is used. But this can adjusted according to your requirement for instance 640 x 360 pixels. Once you have determined the dimensions your code will look like this:


 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Uiz7pfuCayM"  frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Here I would like to recommend to keep ratio of the dimensions in concern, close to the original video. Moreover to avoid various problems I would suggest you to make use of W3 Schools Tryit Editor.

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Please do share your comments with me.

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