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Recently I have come to know about an interesting feature about Blogger i.e., facility of creating custom permalinks for blogger blogs. As a blog writer you must be aware of the fact the normally the URL of post for the item page is based on the title of your post. However by generating a custom URL you are in position of creating different structures which are helpful placing your post on top ranks of different search engines result pages.

How Post Permalinks Works:

Normally while creating post in Blogger, the URL on which your blog will be placed automatically is done on the following formulae:


Whenever we write long titles of our post (s) we find the words of our title integrating in the URL, by words broken in parts. Whereas sometimes we use short words in URL structure related with title of our post. This is helpful in acquiring top rank in SERP’s.

Now we are facilitated with a feature of choosing a standard row for the URL of our post. Thus replacing the practice of placing short abbreviations of title with words of our choice. I will share this procedure with you.

On the page determined for post editing there is a new section named as “Permalink” which integrates option of hyperlink at the left side. Click on this to see the menu. Permalink option by default suggests “Automatic URL” this is the structure of URL which reflects the title of your post. By clicking on Custom URL you can mention alternative URL.


The row of Custom URL may carry words, number and mention of specific character likes hyphen, underscore, but not slashes. Now as you will type the new URL on which the post will be published, the updates mentioned in the spaces can be noticed.

This finishes your exercise of integrating Permalinks in your blog on blogger.


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