Adding a Table To A Post Without Coding

Sometimes your blog has supportive statistical data which you would like to share with your readers, for this you need to make a tabular presentation of data. But unfortunately Blogger post editor does not support the facility of creating table in your blog. For integrating supportive table of your blog you not only have to make table manually but you should have knowledge of necessary HTML tags required for creating table. On the basis of my personal experience I would suggest you make use of Windows Live Writer as your post editor. The major feature offered by Windows Live Writer is that it provides you facility of determining (HTML) Headings, hyperlink attributes settings, image attribute settings, pushbutton table insertion and auto pinging. The use of WLW will enable you with feature of Adding a Table to A Post Without Coding.

If you want to skip the process of making use of Blogger post editor for making codes manually there is one more method. To use this method you need to follow steps mentioned below:

1. Creating Table:

  • Creating table in Excel Sheet: There are two ways of making table one is by making table in excel worksheet or any other software offering feature of creating excel sheet. The other option is creating table in Microsoft Word file;

  • One you finish your table, highlight the table and copy it.

 2. Converting Table into HTML:

  • For converting table in HTML move on Tableizer and paste it into the text field. Tableizer is a tool which is used for creating HTML tables from spreadsheet data. Tableizer removes the extra mark up from table and leaves only code of table.