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In current scenario social networking websites have emerged as the most liked place by every internet user. And with every passing day integration of new features is enhancing their relevance. The newly introduced feature in social networking websites is Pinterest. If you consider yourself as a person who goes according to time, then undoubtedly you must be aware of this term, anyhow if you are unaware of this term. Then in simple terms for your convenience I will describe as the method of sharing and managing images and videos which find interesting on cyber world.  This feature facilitates you to generate virtual  pinboards so that you can make separate categories of different items found on web. The elements uploaded on pinboards are known as pins as soon as you integrate on your pinboard.

Utility of Pinterest:

Pinterest enables the users to follow items uploaded by others on their pinboard. Whenever you share any link on pinterest it will search for any type of items whether it is an image or a video available on that particular link, if it is available on that link you will be able to pin, but if it is not available on the particular link then you will not be able to pin it. Users those who are acquainted with pinterest are always keen to share any interesting photo or video on their particular pinboard. This will enable others to pin your content if they find these items according to their interest. In this way pinterest is relevant to bloggers for increasing traffic on their blogs. Therefore as a blog writer if you think your content is important and carries interesting images and videos, than you should enable your readers to pin your blog before leaving your page.

Major drawback on blogger:

If you are using blogger platform  then you cannot make edition in each and every page to add Pin it option individually on each page. Due to which you are not facilitated to officially integrate Pin It button on blogger. Even if you succeed in editing each page individually and configure Pin it button manually on every page, it will be just wastage of time, if you site has huge pages. However you have an option of integrating Pinterest pin it option through bookmark option available on Pinterest itself. This will enable your readers to pin content of your blog. Let us know understand how you can Add Pinterest Pin It Button for Your Blogger Posts.

Step 1 : Move on to blogger dashboard;

Step 2 : Click on the title of your blog;

Step 3 : Move on template option;


Note:  (I would like to suggest you to take back up of your template before making any changes to it).

Step 4 : Move on edit HTML option;


Step 5 : Check on proceed button for next steps;

Step 6 : Now click on option of expand widget templates;


  • If you post <data:post.body/>  below the code it will display your button below the post. For placing them at different position according to your requirement I would suggest you to read How to Position Elements on a Blogger Post Page.

  • You may find two search results for <data:post.body/>. You should place this code just after the first line of available code.  

Step 7 : And now in your template look for <data:post.body/>  and integrate code shown below just after this:


In the above code '' variant enables you to replace URL of current image with URL of your personal Pin it button image.

Given below are URLs of default and commonly practiced button which you can select according to your requirement :


Image URL -

Step 8 : As the final step save the changes and preview Pinterest pin it button on your blog.

I am sure you will try this tutorial on your blog. In case of any problem please do feel free to contact me.

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