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I am sure all of you must be familiar with features offered by various social networking websites, apart from providing you an option of getting linked with person with whom you have never meet. An interesting feature offered by these websites is sharing anything liked by you with friends of your circle. In this process any information shared by you with other friends is shared by them with their friends and so on. The same feature is available when you write a blog. Because if your readers find something interesting in your blog then they would like to share your content with others.

 It means they should have facility of sharing your content with their all friends on various social networking websites.  Because if they start sharing your content individually with everyone it will require more time.  Therefore you should try to explore sharing options so that your content is shared with large persons. However  it is quite possible that the facility of sharing should be according to design of your blog.  Have you made use of any sharing option which is according to design of your blog.Well if not, then we shall be discussing the process of How to Add Floating Vertical Share Bar For Blogger Posts With Share This.

Do you like stylish sharing Bar? 

Normally in every blog you would have noticed share button integrated at the end of blog.  So that as soon as reader finishes the blog he can move on to share option for sharing your content with others. But by integrating a vertical share option in blog your readers will be facilitated to share your content from wherever they feel they should share your content with others. Because vertical share bar keeps on appearing on their screen and they do not need to scroll or finish your content. An interesting feature of this share option is that it could be placed on any side of your screen.

Features offered by vertical share bar: 

From the name it appears to be something very difficult feature which can be integrated in your blog. But in practice it offers the same features which are offered by general share buttons. It only adds an additional stylish look to your blog and moreover it keeps on moving as you read blog.

But before you carry out this exercise you should get yourself registered with share this account. After getting registered with share account, you are ready to start your operation.

Step 1 : Move on to Blogger Dashboard;

Step 2 : Select your blog title;

Step 3 : Move on to template tab; (but before you make any edition in your template option you should know the process of taking backup of your template)


 Step 4 : Now click on Edit HTML option placed below preview of blog;


Step 5 : Move on to proceed option and view template editor;

Step 6 : Now check out the option of expand widget template;

Step 7 : Look for </head> in template;

Step 8 : Insert the script mentioned below just before the </head? Tag;


True in the above code refers to Share widget style which will let you to enable multi-post style or direct post style. You should mention true (variant shown in above code) to activate multi post style and false variant to deactivate direct post style. 

Use of multi post style:  This feature enables you to share your content on various social networking websites at same time.

Direct post style: This option will redirect readers on specific website by checking on this option. For instance if a reader select facebook option, than he will be directed on Facebook so that he can share your blog with his friends on facebook.

Step 9 : Now search for </body> tag in template and copy the code mentioned below just before </body> tag.



In the above code “position”:”left” indicates the Share Bar Position.

Here you have to integrate ShareThis publisher key. If you do not have information regarding publisher key, then you can acquire it from Share this My Account page.

The next variant in above code (left) is share bar position. This facilitates you to move location of your vertical share bar. By default it is positioned on the left side but if you wish to move it on the right side than you mention right in place of left.

Step 10 : Now you should preview your changes for activating them.

I do hope this feature will enhance the feasibility of your blog which you would undoubtedly wish to integrate in your blog.

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