Add a Facebook Invite Friends Link To Your Blogger Site

During last one decade Internet has emerged as a dynamic platform for making new friends through social networking websites. This has resulted in uniting people of different regions at one place beyond the geographical boundaries. An interesting feature of these social networking websites is that they provide you the facility of sharing any information liked by you with friends in your circle who are connected with you through these social websites. Going through benefits of sharing information with friends, various blog writers have started integrating feature of inviting friends from social networking websites to get linked with you and enjoy the blog suggested by you.  

To invite friends from social websites a separate icon or link is integrated on blog page facilitating readers to invite friends from their profile on particular website, for instance from Facebook. Understanding the significance of this subject I decided to share this knowledge with you after which by clicking on that particular link a box will be displayed on screen enabling readers to visit that blog.So we start  Add a Facebook Invite Friends Link To Your Blogger Site.

This can be done by following steps detailed in coming paragraphs:

Step 1 : Generating a URL for blog:

This is the first step which should be followed in this operation is to generate a URL for your blog, enabling you to circumvent the necessity of secure base URL which begin with https which cannot be used with blogger.  This short URL will be helpful while you create your application for Facebook.

Step 2 : Creating Facebook application:  

In the second step you have to generate a Facebook Application because for creating code you will require an application ID. This application can be created by visiting application page on Facebook Developers.  For this you will be required to fill an application and provide all the information required by you. This information include:

  • Display Name - The name of your site 
  • Namespace - yournamespace (this will feature in the URL for your app. eg:
  • Contact email - your email address 
  • App Domains - The URL(s) of the blog(s) you will be using this app.

After filling the above required information you should move on “Select how you app integrates with Facebook” and provide the information mentioned below in that form:

  • Website with Facebook Login - Your blog's URL (eg:
  • Canvas URL - Here you'll need to enter the url you generated for your site, adding a question mark at the end.
  • Secure Canvas URL - Enter your blog's URL beginning with https.



Depending upon your requirement you integrate an icon and thumbnail of your Facebook application appearing at the topmost of page. This icon and thumbnail will be displayed when readers will make of Facebook application integrated by you. Once you are satisfied, you should save these changes. After saving the changes you should make note your Application ID that will appear at the top corner of page because this will be required to integrate in the code which will be pasted on the required position of your website.

Step 3 :  Integrating custom gadget in your website:  

As the final step you should click on the Layout widget of your blogger dashboard and click on add (or edit) an HTML/JavaScript gadget, and paste the code given below in gadget by replacing the appID,Message in your requirement.


Now save the changes made above. Once all the above steps of operation are carried out properly, you will find a basic text link created on your blog, which will enable your readers to invite their friends on your site by opening a Facebook Dialogue box. This will appear something like as shown in picture displayed below:


For making the link more stylish as shown in above picture, you need to go to Template and then click on Customize in blogger dashboard and move down to Advanced Section and integrate the following code in Custom CSS.


This finishes your operation of providing facility to the readers for inviting friends from social networking websites. 

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