Add Email Subscription Box On Your Website With Google FeedBurner

As a blog writer what process you adopt to stay in contact with your potential readers . With emergence of social networking websites namely Facebook, Twitter, Google+ you provide your readers the facility of getting connected with you by joining your forum. But still there are readers who wish to get information regarding latest update of your blog through news readers. For such readers you can adhere the feature of subscription through feeds. However still there are some readers who wish to get information regarding update of your blog through email. So how you are going to meet their requirement of receiving information regarding update of your blog?

If you are using blogger platform to post your blog than you must be aware with the process of integrating email subscription feature in your blog. But if you are not using blogger platform for posting your blogs or user of blogger platform but still unsatisfied from your existing email subscription widget than you can use a simple method of integrating email subscription in your blog and customize it. If you have activated feed in your blog then by making use of Google FeedBurner will assist you in meeting your requirement.

The Feedburner from Google enables you to use email subscription feature to its feed users, facilitating the blog writers to send their update to subscribed readers. This facility of email subscription is a regular process and keeps updating your readers at regular basis through email. Therefore if you have activated Feedburner for your feed than make use of this service and that also free of cost. Today we shall be going through the process of adding  Email Subscription Box on your website with Google FeedBurner. But before that make sure of following points:

  • Get feed of your site redirected to Feedburner;
  • If you are using blogger platform and want to enable email subscription for your readers than read how to offer email subscriptions in blogger;
  • Change feedburner email preferences before you enable subscription for your readers. However later you can make email subscription more suitable and easy to use by optimizing email preferences. You may like to read how to configure feed burner settings and learn the process of customizing your email subscription.

Let us now begin our operation now:

Step 1 : Move on to FeedBurner to login;

Step 2 : Check the feed title of your blog feed;

Step 3 : Move on to the option of publicize tab;

Step 4 : Check the option of email subscription;


Step 5 : Now check the option of activation for activating email subscription, if you not activated;

Step 6 : Check for the subscription form code in page and integrate it at the place on your blog where you want to display it;



  • If you are aware about HTML than you can edit the subscription form code and design it according to your choice;
  • If you are using blogger platform and want to add it as a widget, you add your code through HTML/JavaScript.

What do you feel about this tutorial. Did you enjoyed reading it.

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