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From past sometime there have been question regarding benefits of integrating Buffer in tweets and Facebook to impress friends and followers on your posts on these social networking websites. In general terms buffer can be defined as storage capacity which is stores data while it is being retrieved through internet.  If you are aware regarding use of Buffer option, than you would have noticed that Buffer browser extensions are used for buffering links.Thus installation of browser extension is very helpful for planning buffer in your tweets and facebook. Now let us think about the feature which could enable you share your blogs with people who do not make use of browser extension or who do not prefer to make use of copy and paste feature on buffer dashboard. 

Buffer offers separate button which could be used on websites and blogs. So now you can also use this button of Buffer in your blog which will facilitate readers of your blog by just clicking on the link. Unlike twitter tweet option buffer also offers the facility of customizing your blog which you want to share and promote your blog or any other services offered by you by determining your twitter username.  Let us now start our tutorial of how to add Buffer Button for your blogger posts.

Step 1 : Move on your blogger dashboard;

Step 2 : Click on title of your blog;

Step 3 : Move on template option;


Note: (I would like to mention that before you make any changes in your template option, you should take back up of your template, so as to retrieve your template in case changes do not take place according to your requirement).

Step 4 : Check Edit HTML button placed below your blog preview;


Step 5 :Now move on proceed option to see template editor;

Step 6 : Check the option of expand widget template;

Step 7 : Look for <data:post.body/> in your template and place your series of code after it;

Important Points:

  • If you add your code below <data:post.body/> will display your button below post. But to display it at any other place on your blog, you should read how to position elements on a blogger post page;

  • You may find two outcomes of <data:post.body/>, add the following code just after the code of first line:


In the above code variant button style facilitates you to select the style of button for your blog, according to your choice.

Vertical Style


 Style Name: vertical

No Count Style 


Style Name: none

Whereas Twitter username enables you display your twitter name which will be displayed on the post through buffer. However if you do not want get your twitter name to be displayed on your blog than you should not mention it.

Step 8 : Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Please post your comment that is this tutorial beneficial to you or not.

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