How To Remove Title Of A Blogger Page

As a blog writer you will agree with me that in current scenario blogger gadgets and blogger tips are commonly used terms as far as blogging is concerned. The relevance of these terms can be understood from the fact that these terms will play an important role for blogging in coming years. This has increased importance of blogger gadgets for blogs in the cyber world.Not much back a question was raised that how a blog writer can delete title from page of blog.

Therefore it would be interested to learn the process of removing title from a blogger page. The benefit of removing title from page results in looking it more professional at the same it gives your blog the look of “website” rather than a blog. For this there is no requirement of any big series of exercise to conduct by simple process you can do this. But before that go through the example discussed below :

This picture carries a title


Whereas the next picture do not carries a title


Let us now begin our exercise:

Step 1 : Go to your Dashboard and click on New Post option and then click on Edit Pages widget;

Step 2 : In the edit pages click on “New Page” option; 

Step 3 : Now give title and make your page as you have been doing earlier;

Step 4 : Now comes the main process, as you are still in compose mode now click on the option of “Edit HTML”;


Step 5 : Now copy and paste the following code above HTML:


Step 6 : Now have a look at your page by clicking on preview option, you will find you mission accomplished;

Step 7 : Now you can publish your post.

I am sure you will find this process an easy going user friendly way to remove title of your blogger page and that also without making any use of blogger gadgets.

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