How To Change Width/Height Of Popular Post Thumbnails In Blogger

From last few days a common question has been raised on various platforms by various blog writers that how can they resize thumbnails of blogger post. Therefore today it would be interesting to discuss the method of resizing thumbnails for blogger blog post. However in the beginning it seemed to an impossible exercise to perform but as the process forwarded things started getting easier with every step, especially by making appropriate working on XML coding. I am sure this discussion will prove to be million dollars worth tutorial enabling you to amend size of blogger post thumbnails.

Let us begin our tutorial with a question that why there is need of increasing popular post thumbnails: 

As a blogger you must familiar with the condition that blogger does not support customization of any application but it carries very strong features that facilitate users with wide array of options facilitating its users to arrange it according to their requirements thus making Blogger as the 2nd most liked place for blog writing. If you change the size of your popular post thumbnails there will be an increase in traffic on your website. Let us for instance assume a situation where a visitor visits your website and finds series of thumbnails adhered in it and therefore he decides to go through all thumbnails. This is helpful in decreasing not only the bounce rate but also increases time of visits made by any of visitor.

Now the question arises how to determine height and width of popular post thumbnails in blogger:


This can be regarded as one of the easiest process to perform. What is required from you is to determine the width and height of thumbnails in pixels for instance width = “62 px”. But before that make some doubts clear:

Step 1 : Go to template widget of;

Step 2 : Click on Edit HTML and move on proceed;

Step 3 : Now click on the box “Expand the Widget”;

Step 4 :

For determining height:

Within the template go for height = ‘data:thumbnailSize’ and replace it with data:thumbnailSize followed by height of the thumbnail i.e., 100, 200 and so. Here it would be worth mentioning here to describe that do not mention height of thumbnails in pixels else it will not work.

For Dtermining width :

In the template go for width=’ data:thumbnailSize’ and replace it with data:thumbnailSize followed by width of the thumbnails i.e., 100, 300 and so. Here it would be worth mentioning here to describe that do not mention height of thumbnails in pixels else it will also not work.

After making necessary changes go and save template by clicking on Save Template option and check results of your exercise carried, you will find the expected output of your exercise.


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