Restricting (Name/URL) Option In Blogger Comment Form

Blogging is considered as the most appropriate way to get recognition among masses and is regarded as the easiest way of communicating with your potential readers and making them aware about your views on particular issues.But sometimes there are some readers or say some contenders of your blog who intentionally try to spoil your blog by commenting on your every blog and linking their comments with their websites or blogs. With technical developments all these techniques of spoiling others blog have become obsolete and now bloggers have different weapons by which they can protect their blog with attacks of their contender.


Today my post mainly focus on actions which will enhance features of commenting system which can be done by Disabling (Name/Url) Option in Blogger Comment Form.


This can be done in Following Ways:

1.  Anyone: Just ignore this option in your blogger blogspot;

2. Registered users: By clicking this option readers registered with only Gmail, OpenID, LiveJournal, WordPress and Aim will be allowed to read your blog;

3.  Registered users of Google: This command will enable only user of Gmail to comment on your blog ;

4.  Members of site: This option will enable only your team members to comment on your blog.

1. So now go to and go to settings wizard and opt for posting and comments.  


2. In that move to who can comment option and select for user type you want to comment on your blog. After directing the selected registered users save these settings so as to execute your command.


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