Removal Of Default Blogger Footer And Integration Of Your Personal Customized Footer

Writing a blog in blogger is not a difficult task but to write a blog that is effective and user friendly according to norms of SEO is difficult to write. In our today’s tutorial we shall be discussing steps of How to remove Default footer in Blogger . Various creative and professional bloggers do not like using footer available on blogger and want to integrate their personalized footer for their blog. This is possible to do by carrying just few simple steps after which the default footer from blogger will be deleted and you will be free  to design your own customized footer.

So now start following below steps for removing default footer:

1. Login to blogger;

2.Go to design widget and select Edit HTML option;

3.Before exploring to other steps, it is better to take back up of your blog so that in case by mistake if you delete any important section of your blog you can recover it from backup;

4.Once you have taken back up of your blog, move to “expand widget templates” option, and check for the following code:

                          <div class=’footer-outer’> 
                          <div class=’footer-cap-top cap-top’>
                          <div class=’cap-right’/>
5.Make following changes in the above mentioned code:

                         <footer style=’display:none’>
                         <div class=’footer-outer’>
                         <div class=’footer-cap-top cap-top’>
                         <div class=’cap-let’/>
                         <div class=’cap-right’/>

 Now go to preview option and note the changes which you have made. You will find that default blogger footer is removed from your blog. Once changes are according to your requirement, save these changes.

Integration of Your Personalized Footer:

After you have removed the default footer the next step is integrate your personalized footer ( for this you can spool down and click on my sites custom footer):

1. Go to Design widget and select Edit HTML option

2. Look for: </body>

3. Now add your desired footer above body close tag

4. This finishes your exercise

Before you opt for the above mentioned steps on the basis of my personal experience I would suggest that to do not customize with any blogger template. Go for template on any default blogger and customize according to your choice. This will help you getting acquainted with steps required for removal of default blogger footer and integrate your own customized blogger.

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