Removal of Blogger Navigation Bar

Hello friends, I feel you must also among one of them who have complain regarding helplessness of removing blogger navigation bar through your element page. If this is your question of concern than the option which I find is changing colour of previously ascertained section. However before starting our discussion of describing method of How to Remove Blogger Nav Bar in blogger new interface?, it is important to know that for what reasons you are interested or not interested to remove navigation bar from your blog.

Reasons Behind Removal of Blogger Navigation Bar:

  • The main benefit is that removal of blogger nav bar gives your blog more professional look though whatever objective of your blog is. 
  • Removal of blogger navigation bar gives it a look of free lance blog. 
  • The second benefit is that it helps you in acquiring additional space on your page. 
  • Although it does not make any sense but its removal helps in acquiring more space for graphics. This space in helpful in designing your blog more attractive.

Benefits of Retaining Blogger Navigation Bar: 

  • It is beneficial in situation when you have make some editions in your blog. 
  • It enables you to directly login through blog and need not have first login to 
  • It also enables you to make corrections different sections via main page, rather than going to elements. 
  • This will help you in acquiring minute traffic via next blog button. 

Steps for Removing Blogger Nav bar: 

Now as you have decided to remove blogger navigation bar from your blog than you need not have to worry for some long process. It is very simple and does not require many endeavours to perform. Just follow the following steps:

1. Login to blogger dashboard;

2. Click on template;

3. And click on edit HTML option;

4. Search for the below mentioned code which will be placed at the top position of HTML section.

 To search this code you need not have to scroll much high is almost close to the position of HTML. However the data box which is visible may miss, it mainly depends on the location of your template;

5. Put the above mentioned code, if you intend to copy and paste then you need to do the same as mentioned  below:
                                      #navbar-iframe {
                                     display: none !important;

6. Now as your exercise is over you need to save it.

But before that I would suggest you to preview it so that you can notice the changes you made and if you need more amendments you can make before finalization.

Reverting back to Blogger Navigation Bar again in Future:

If in future you think to integrate nav bar back to your blog. Then also you need not have to worry, just go to your HTML and delete the changes you have made. It is quite simple. :)

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