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In the universe of social networking website Google Plus is expanding its roots dynamically because of its versatile features it is now becoming the most happening place in the world of social networking. As another leading social networking website Facebook provides feature of Fan Pages, Google has announced Google plus Page facilitating its registered users to promote their business and their brand and today I will try to sneak peek in How to Auto Publish blogger posts to Google Plus Page immediately? But as Facebook and Twitter facilitates its members to feed blogs directly on them, Google plus
lags far behind from them. Although there is facility of sharing posts on Google plus profile but this does  not include pages of Google Plus. If you are writing Blogs on Blogger than for submitting your blog you have to post them directly on Google Plus profile. But instead of doing this by following little tricky action you can automatically post your blog on Google plus pages supported by RSS feeds. Believe once you do this, and then there will be no need of applying these tricks every time for posting your blogs. But this requires something from your side:

1. A Google account followed by Google plus Fan pages. So if you do not have it than create it;

2. A Hootsuite account, which is a popular web application facilitating its users to arrange their connectivity with social networking websites at one platform.

If you satisfy these above mentioned requirements you can start process of submitting your blog automatically on Google Plus Pages.

Before proceeding our tutorial in this direction;

1. Let us assume that you have opened your account on Google plus Pages and Hootsuite account. Let us start our mission by logging in to Hootsuite account;

2.The earlier version of Hootsuite did not supported Goolge Plus, but now the modified version expedites member to organize all their content under one roof.


3. If you are using Hootsuite for first time than it will require you to provide information regarding integrating of new Social Network accounts. You need to mention name of Google plus;

4.Now once you have added all profiles of Google Plus and Business pages, you need to click on settings of Hootsuite;


5. Clicking on the icon given in left will present a new window on your computer screen;


6. From the above window select RSS/Atom, as shown in above window;


7. Click the plus button to provide all required information i.e. “Feed URL”, “Profiles to send feed item too” “Feed Post Frequency”, followed by other required information.

 It also provides you the facility of including a text message of maximum 20 characters for each feed. It also provides facility of URL shortening service;

8 Now save the changes made, but before that confirm that you have set status ON;

9. This finishes your feeds on Hootsuite account, which now will capture your all blogs from your blog through RSS Feeds and will divert them to specific Google plus pages or according to profiles determined in settings by you.

This accomplishes your operation of publishing your blog directly on Google plus pages, without going through any manual procedure. Please do feel to contact me for more clarifications.

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