Money Making-Method 1

Hey guys,

This is the first method which brought me my first online sales ever. And this is method of Money Making-Method with zero investment.Though the method was not mine, it came to me from one Internet Marketer  but it proved to be the gold mine to me. So don’t jump on side wide ads and concentrate on this one.

1. First of all you'lll need a product to promote. I am assuming that you are starting from scratch so the best way would be as an affiliate. Head over to Click bank and check out some of the categories.

You just want to pick one of the products that is most popular for now.

I have been working with Clickbank for years and I KNOW that it is not ALL about gravity etc… but for a newbie this should help you as we are going to target the product in a certain way.

Just have a look through the top 3 and pick one that you like the look of.

2. Next up head over to the site of your choice and the affiliate page and grab your affiliate link. What we are going to do to get you started is target the product name as with the product being popular there will be a lot of searches.

3. Head over to Weebly - Create a free website and a free blog and set up a free website – this part is where 70% of you will stop because it involves work – don’t stop – if you want that sale keep on going.

The site can be set up easily you just need to drag and drop the sections you want on the site. I would suggest putting some content with a picture of the product.

For content ideas you can have a look on the affiliate page and most of these products will have an article or blog post you can use. NOTE: Do not use the content as it is, you should rewrite – just make a note of the main points and keep the article informative.

4. Ideally you want to target keywords like “[product name] review” and make sure you include a few hyperlinks of the product name in your content and at the bottom of the page – this is very important – have a STRONG call to action! “CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT A PREVIEW OF [PRODUCT NAME]”

5. Head over to Blog and Ping Tool - Use to Drive Traffic your Blogs and Websites and ping your new content.

6. Social bookmark your website at ,, digg etc…

7. Head over to Yahoo Answers and search for questions in your niche – “how to get a six pack” etc… 

You should answer these with full 400-500 word answers that you will have to research. You can’t skip this as your YA will just get deleted. But in the source you can put your actual website.

8. Head over to Google and do a search for “[your niche] forums” – pick the 5 most active boards and join in the discussions. Do NOT post your website link – you should wait till you have at least 30-40 posts and have contributed some good info to the board.
Then add your website as signature link.

NOTE: Although forum marketing is effective you will need to check the rules of each forum so you don’t get banned.

9. Set up a Twitter account that is themed around your niche and search Twitter for your niche as in “How to get six pack” and you will see real time results of people looking for info. 

You can then tweet them directly showing your website and ideally if you make a free report to give them with some good info and then your affiliate links inside this will work well.

10. The next day add another post to your website and complete all the steps again – then keep going till you get that first sale. See how many hops it took and then either up your efforts or find another product or niche.

This works ^

That should help some of you to get good sales…

All the best,
V. S.


  1. I think I might try this! I've attempted to start a few blogs too but I was never able to make money off of them. Usually I gave up after a few weeks, but maybe I'll try again and use your suggestions.

  2. Work on it and let me know your experience about it..


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